Stress Management

 Stress is often a fact of life. But when you have too much or it lasts too long, stress can take a psychological and physical toll on your well-being and health. Finding a healthy balance in your life is important, and learning how to manage your stress is the best method of treatment as well as prevention. Below are several resources and links to help you with stress management.

On Campus Resources

WesWell Workshops WesWell's Peer Health Advocates are trained to facilitate workshops about several different health issues, including stress manangement. We would love to do a stress reduction workshop for you.  Just fill out the program request form.

WesWell Library The WesWell library has a wide variety of books covering different aspects of stress, from time management tips to information about burnout.

Individual Health Education Session  You can schedule an individual health education session to build strategies for reducing stress and avoiding burn out. 

Counseling and Psychological Services CAPS provides suggestions for coping with stress through their website as well as information on making an appointment should stress become too overwhelming for you to handle on your own.


Learning Links

Autogenic Relaxation A tension relieving method that involves repeating short self-hypnotic sentences to yourself

Five Finger Relaxation Technique -This simple technique involves touching your thumb to each finger in order to guide yourself through a series of relaxing thoughts.

Study Habits and Test Anxiety -A series of helpful tips on studying effectively and dealing with test anxiety.

The Bullseye Strategy -The Bullseye Strategy provides a visual representation of how to approach studying for an exam, as well as strategies for different exam types.

Exam Success: Taking exams -  Thorough advice on what to do before and during an exam.

Mayo Clinic - An extensive database for a variety of health issues, including stress.

National Institute of Mental Health: a wealth of information on stress and stress relief.