WesWell Internships

WesWell Interns

The WesWell Interns oversee WesWell's peer-led health education efforts, including the supervision of the volunteer Peer Health Advocates, in conjunction with WesWell staff leadership. They lead projects and programs on campus and are paraprofessionals for the WesWell team. All WesWell Interns are responsible employees are required to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the Title IX officer. This report does not open an investigation.

If you are interested in an internship with WesWell please reach out to weswell@wesleyan.edu. WesWell has some paid positions available and/or you are able to receive class credit for your internship.

Collaboration & Co-Sponsorships

The WesWell and the Peer Health Advocates actively seek out opportunities to collaborate on health education events and co-sponsor programs with other student organizations throughout the year. If your organization is planning a health-related event and is looking for ideas or resources, you are encouraged to discuss it with a Peer Health Advocate or other WesWell staff member early in your planning stages in order to see how we might be of assistance.