Sexual Health Quest

The Sexual Health Quest (formerly the Sexual Health Expo) is an annual health education event at Wesleyan. The goal of this event is to promote sexual health and responsibility and increase student knowledge of campus health resources. A variety of issues are addressed, including promoting healthy relationships, disease and pregnancy prevention, sexual violence prevention, current political issues related to sexual and reproductive rights and more. 

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Getting Involved

WesWELL's professional and student staff, the Peer Health Advocates, serve as the convening and organizing body for the Sexual Health Quest. We invite Wesleyan student organizations, individual students and other departments to collaborate by:

  • tabling with educational materials
  • presenting a workshop
  • fundraising for relevant causes
  • educating on relevant political issues
  • developing a poster presentation
  • submitting a piece of art

WesWELL will publicize the Sexual Health Quest to the campus community and provide event planning support. Questions on getting involved should be sent to

Event Collaborators

We encourage Wesleyan community members to participate in the Sexual Health Quest in a manner that supports others in expanding their knowledge and skills as they relate to sexual health and responsibility. We are seeking your collaboration through workshops, poster presentations, tabling and more.