Sexual Health Expo 2008
Friday, February 29  ~  11am to 4pm
Exley Science Center Lobby

Sponsored by the Peer Health Advocates of
WesWELL, the Office of Health Education
with assistance from many student organizations!

Come on down for...

  • Tabling & workshops on various aspects of sexual & reproductive health

  • Safer sex supplies to help keep you & your partner(s) protected

  • Lots of freebies & giveaways

  • Costumed characters

  • Your picture with the Giant Penis (bring a camera!)

  • Fundraisers for good causes (hint, hint...bring $$$)

  • ...and lots more!!!

Keynote Address:
Thursday, February 28
6:30pm @ PAC 002

"Pissing on our Parade:
The Agony and Ecstasy of Contemporary Sexualities"
Dr. Maureen Sullivan, Visiting Professor of Sociology and FGSS

Friday Workshop Schedule
  • 11:00am - Exley 137
    Yes/No/Maybe: Defining Your Sexual Boundaries - Presented by Lisa Currie, WesWELL

    Do you know what you are and are not willing to do? Once you know what your boundaries are, you can more clearly communicate it to a potential partner and be able to enjoy consensual sexual activity more!
  • 12:00pm - Exley 141
    HPV & the Gardasil Vaccine
    - Presented by Laina Logvinenko, Peer Health Advocate
    Want to know all about the most prevalent sexually transmitted infection, the one that can result in cervical cancer and genital warts...but the one that actually has a vaccine to prevent it? This is the program for you!
  • 1:00pm - Exley 137
    BDSM Q & A
    - Presented by WesKink
    A discussion of the ins and outs, ups and downs, and tops and bottoms of Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism and Masochism. Come with questions or with knowledge to share; whether you're an experienced player or have only ever been tied up in your fantasies, anyone with interest is welcome.
  • 2:00pm - Exley 141
    The Moaning Workshop - Presented by Emily Evnen

    To moan or not to moan, that is the question! In this workshop, we'll talk about the politics of moaning, myths surrounding moaning and finish up by doing some fun vocalizations!
  • 3:00pm - Exley 137
    Sex Sign Workshop! - Presented by Sign House

    Learn to ask for what you want and to pick up cuties without saying a word! We will teach various words and phrases relating to sex, body parts, sexual acts and more in sign language.
  • 4:00pm - Exley 141
    WesSex - Presented by the Peer Health Advocates

    The Peer Health Advocates will share a ton of information on how to protect yourself and your partner(s) from sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, and how to create safer and healthier sexual relationships.

Student Groups & Offices Tabling...11am to 4pm on Friday
  • WesWELL's Peer Health Advocates
  • Student Global AIDS Coalition
  • V-Day/Vagina Monologues
  • FemNet
  • Unlocked Magazine
  • Clinic Escorts
  • ASHA
  • Queer Intern
  • And more!

Don't forget to bring $$$ -
many groups will be fundraising for charitable causes!!!!