Here's what some of our students are saying about our WILL courses..

~The Wesleyan Lifelong Learning program provides convenient and engaging classes on topics that you always wished you had taken in college, but didn't have the time. I have been impressed with the faculty and their commitment to the quality of the program, and look forward to attending more sessions in the future.~

~I leave with my head and heart filled with new strories, new realities and new friends~

~Five Star teacher. Judge David Gold's grasp of Constitutional Law is inspiring. His course gives you a compass to navigate current political confusion~

~This was a wonderful experience - and a great value. Elizabeth Bobrick is an excellent teacher, knowledgeable, passionate, humorous, and personable~

~Karl Scheibe's professional experiences greatly enhanced the course and enriched it~

~This opportunity to take classes is terrific, keeps one sharp!~

~Sari Rosenblatt was a wonderful instructor. Great interactive class setting, material was helpful in structuring assignments~

~Rhea Higgins is outstandingly good at presenting materials; projected images well organized, well chosen and smoothly presented. Course was a pleasure!~

~These instructors were excellent - Informative, engaging ideas, provocative~

~I really enjoyed the Constable/Turner class taught by Rhea Higgins.  I marveled at her timing and her ability to talk while managing the technology.  She is so knowledgeable about history, art, politics of the time.  I just love her teaching methods.~