• Peer Tutors and Mentors

    The Writing Workshop strives to support and empower all writers at Wes. We work to support students with particular writing tasks while also cultivating spaces on campus for students to develop their voice, perspective, and values as writers. Our staff members support their peers by engaging in conversations about writing, regardless of whether writers are brainstorming, reviewing the structure of a draft, or processing instructor feedback. We aim to meet writers where they are and help them achieve their goals. As we say: All writers at any stage of their process are welcome!

    We believe:

    > We are all writers.

    > Writing is a process. Though it's true that most of our writing reaches an 'endpoint,' we understand that the act of writing requires a lot of work; work that doesn't start or end with a due date. As former tutor Ricardo Vega ('21) explains, "We are not editors, but rather guides through the writing process."

    >Writing does not have to be done in isolation. "College writing is so often an isolating process. Workshop sessions allow us to make it communal, working with peers who understand how difficult writing is, and can help alleviate the stress of having to tackle a paper all on your own." - Ben Bushnell ’21

    >The Writing Workshop can be a place outside of the normal hierarchical structures of the university. Peer to peer dialogues about writing can be less focused on grades and more focused on growth. As former tutor Emma Roush (‘21) notes, “Workshop appointments are a safe space and an opportunity to meet with a nonjudgmental and supportive peer advocate to help gain confidence and pride in one’s work.”

    > Successful writing extends far beyond writing that adheres to the norms of standard academic American English. We both recognize the material power this variety of English holds while aiming to cultivate the linguistic multiplicity of the Wesleyan community.

  • Anna Hauser

    Hi! My name is Anna (she/her), and I'm a junior majoring in English with the Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory certificate. On campus, you can find me working in the Center for Prison Education, singing with my acapella group, and walking my bike up steep hills:) Talk to me about your favorite podcasts! Talk to me about the best hiking spots near campus!
  • Anna Marti

    Hi everyone! My name is Anna (she/her), and I am a senior AMST & EDST major at Wes. I am a thesis mentor for the Writing Workshop this semester, which I am so excited about!! Outside the Workshop, I am also a Senior Interviewer for Admissions, Student Fellow for the Center for the Humanities, and the co-director of a contemporary/jazz dance group. I also never leave the house without my headphones and am always looking for audiobook or indie-folk music recs. Can't wait to chat and write with you :) 
  • Asa Sakornpant

    Hi all! I'm Asa from Bangkok, Thailand. Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, Mac Miller, and Anderson.Paak are my kind of tunes! I binge watch Peaky Blinders, Billions, and Bojack Horseman in my free time. Cooking and gymming, aside from writing, are how I best express myself. Lovely to meet you :)
  • Ashley Ogwang

    Hi y'all ! I'm Ashley and I am a junior majoring in Government and English. When I am not reading or writing in some corner at Olin, I love to watch documentaries, bake random foods, and I may drink too much tea for my own good. You can also find me listening to various music - from R&B to Rock to K-Pop to Movie soundtracks - I love it all !
  • Briana Rodriguez Castillo

    My name is Briana Rodriguez, I am from Denver, Colorado, and I LOVE collecting rare books. I really enjoy writing essays where I can apply Economic, Political, or Social theory to real world problems. I am a WSA Senator, a Socioeconomic Status and Disability Intern for the Resource Center, and love tutoring for Math. My favorite movie is Interstellar, I have a Chihuahua named Sasha, who is often mistaken for a large squirrel, and I am a die-hard Arianator.
  • Cal Neveu

    Hi! My name is Cal, and I’m a junior double majoring in English and math. I love reading and creative writing, especially when it comes to fiction. Aside from that I like to play guitar, hike, and cook. I’m also from Springfield, MA, and am on the cross country and track and field team at Wes.
  • Crystal Peña

    Hi everyone! My name is Crystal (she/her) and I'm a sophomore prospectively double majoring in MB&B and Education Studies with a minor in Dance. Feel free to schedule tutoring with me whether the assignment is as small as an email or as big as a research paper. When I'm not at the Writing Workshop, you'll probably find me getting a smoothie at Pi or hanging out with friends!
  • Diya Kuwelker

    Hi, I’m a senior majoring in English and Psychology. I’m passionate about film, theatre and fashion, with a special passion for reality television! I look forward to working with you this semester.
  • Elias Mansell

    I'm a sophomore currently majoring in the College of Letters, and I plan to also major in classics and astronomy. I'm interested in language philosophy and interpretations of quantum mechanics. During school breaks, I like to make fun of horror movies with my younger sisters, and on campus I'm Head Copy Editor and Head News Editor for The Argus.
  • Elizabeth Ouanemalay

    I'm originally from southern california and as for some other fun things about myself: I like to write personal pieces about my own experiences to make education feel more relatable and I'm huge fan of anime (last watched Weathering with You). During my free time, I like to game on my Nintendo Switch (currently working on Breath of the Wild and looking forward to Pokemon Shining Pearl). As for music, I'm into soft rock, but have recently discovered the band Halestorm (not soft rock) and absolutely love them!
  • Esmé Ng

    Hi! My name is Esmé Ng, and I am a senior majoring in Theater and American Studies, concentrating in Race and Ethnicity. I can always be found at any given time working on a new piece of theater, pouring over research into Asian American history, or making little drawings for my friends. Outside the Writing Workshop, I am a part of SHADES - Wesleyan’s Theater and Arts Collective for BIPOC students. Over my time at Wesleyan, the best writing advice I have learned is to plan ahead, but not to fear exploring the ideas as they come to you. Ultimately, I believe that writing is much more about learning through process than trying to rush to the end.
  • Gissel Ramirez

    My name is Gissel and I am from New York City! I am a sophomore pursing a double major in English and Education Studies with a Global Engagement minor. Outside of classes, I also work at the Gordon Career Center as a Communications Assistant and enjoy listening to music (favorites including Bad Bunny, SZA, Lorde, Drake and Grupo Firme) while also bullet journaling!
  • Grace Kohn

    Hi! My name is Grace, and I’m a junior Environmental Studies and Hispanic Literatures & Culture double major with a Writing Certificate! People say I’m obsessed with cats (…I am I’ll admit it), drinking matcha, and vampire shows that I’m probably too old for. On campus, I’m on the field hockey team and am in an a capella group– shout out Quasimodal! I look forward to writing with you all!
  • Ivanie Lucía Cedeño

    I am originally from Philly but have a deep relationship to my Puerto Rican culture and heritage. My favorite pastime is to go on long walks and cook. I also tend to write think pieces and poetry in Spanglish. I have a crochet clothing brand called Sol Blossom Crochet @sol__blossom__crochet on Instagram. Also find my doula/cooking page @iced__honey on Instagram.
  • Jackie Garcia

    Hello! I'm Jackie! I am a senior majoring in American Studies and Latin American Studies. I am from Los Angeles, California. I love writing about topics/literature/theory/media that specifically relate to the Americas as a whole (a lot of unpacking colonialism). I am also a part of the Rebel Eaters Club on campus where we talk about diet culture and body/self acceptance! I've worked as an RA & I am currently a program house manager. I love going to concerts, getting my hands on some beaded jewelry, thick dark eyeliner, podcasts, & journaling!
  • Jada Reid

    Hi! My name is Jada Reid and I am from St. Louis, Missouri. My favorite writer is Elizabeth Acevedo! I have a secret (not so secret) love for YA fiction! I love singing to myself along to artists like Lianne La Havas, SZA, Amber Mark, Olivia Dean. And I have a deep deep love for writing and helping others with their writing, with an emphasis on the creative process of writing/being a writer.
  • Jasmyn Choi

    My name is Jasmyn Choi and I use she/her pronouns. I'm a senior East Asian Studies major and IDEAS minor from Los Angeles, California. On campus, I'm the co-president of Kinetic, Wesleyan's Kpop Dance Crew. In my free time I love sitting in Pi, drawing on the lawn of the CFA, or playing type racer in Olin (my high score is 144 wpm and I'm always ready for a type race!!). Talk to me about art, museums, and the Adirondacks!
  • Jem Shin

    Hi, I'm an English and Econ major (Data Analysis minor) from Seoul! You can usually find me working on something for the Argus, blasting Taylor Swift, or rewatching Community.
  • Jeremy Kim

    Hello! My name is Jeremy from NJ, and I am a junior here at Wesleyan. I am a chemistry major (pre-med) while also trying to complete the Writing Certificate. My biggest commitment on campus is Wesleyan’s swimming and diving team. In my free time, I enjoy reading, watching YouTube and anime and listening to music (currently listening to a lot of Tyler, the Creator, Kanye West, ITZY, and Red Velvet).
  • Leslie Caratachea

    Hello everyone! I am Leslie Caratachea a senior FGSS major! I am working with FTF students this semester and also an Ambassador for the Writing workshop. Outside of tutoring students with writing here at Wes I am also a tutor for my pre-college prep program back in Lake Tahoe California called La Fuerza Latina, and on-campus I am part of POC comedy cause who does not like a little laugh? Can't wait to meet many of you this semester! 
  • Malaika Fernandes

    Hi! I'm a junior from Mumbai double majoring in Theater and Economics. On campus, I'm usually workshopping fun creative writing at Writing Circle, trying to organize the production of a play or theater festival, or more generally procrastinating on my own writing. If you ever want to find me, I'm the one trudging back and forth between PAC and the Theater Dept. It's a long walk.
  • Marcus Khoo

    Hi all. I’m a junior from Malaysia prospectively studying Psychology and Education Studies. I’m interested in childhood literary/educational environments and the role they play in developing identity, morality, and cognition. Outside academic writing, I’ve found myself writing Dungeons and Dragons adventures for friends.
  • Pablo Sanchez

    Hi everyone, I'm a senior from Los Angeles majoring in Anthropology and Sociology. On campus, I also work at the ITS Helpdesk, I'm a member of the wrestling team, and I also volunteer for the Middletown Food Fridge. When I’m not at the Writing Workshop you’ll likely find me at either the Helpdesk, Freeman, or Swings.
  • Quentin Tan

    Hi! I’m a senior pursuing a double major in the College of Letters and College of East Asian Studies. Hailing from the linguistically diverse land of Malaysia, I speak Mandarin, English, Malay, and a bit of Hokkien and Japanese. I’m also working as an Academic Peer Advisor, so feel free to reach out to me when you’re in a pinch!
  • Shakira Abdul-Rauf

    My name Shakira Abdul-Rauf ‘24 (pronouns: she/hers). I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and my family is from Ghana. My intended majors are Psychology and African American Studies with possible minors in Dance or Education Studies. On my free time I love listening to music, reading, and rewatching '90s and '00s Black sitcoms.
  • Shaniya Longino

    Hello everyone! My name is Shaniya and I'm a sophomore majoring in College of East Asian Studies and possibly in history. In my free time I read fantasy and contemporary romance novels, watch cheesy dramas, and overanalyze my favorite...anything really (right now its Name of the Wind—don't ask if you're not ready for a rant). I'm excited to work with you all!
  • Sydney Kim

    My name is Sydney and I'm a senior majoring in English and Psychology. I'm a member of the women's squash team as well as a staff photographer for the Argus. I've been with the Writing Workshop for four semesters and counting, and it's definitely been one of the most rewarding parts of my time at Wesleyan!
  • Shaoxuan Tian

    Hi! I’m a junior pursuing double majors in sociology and CSS as well as the social, cultural, and critical theory certificate. Born and raised in north China, I speak Mandarin, English, and a little bit of French. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, drinking herbal tea, and making crafts of various kinds. I’m interested in how access to and rules around story-telling co-constitute with power relations, and am committed to blurring the line between personal writings and theoretical works :)
  • Zariah Greene

    Hi, my name is Zariah, I was raised on Long Island, NY but currently call Raleigh, NC my home and heart. I love to write about myself and the experiences I have faced as an Afro Latina, watch the bachelor series, and listen to my favorite artists such as J. Cole, Jessie Reyez, and Giveon. Outside of class I am involved in the adolescent sexual health awareness club and spend lots of time exploring what else the world has to offer outside of our sometimes-prisoning routines. Looking forward to meeting you!