• Peer Tutors and Mentors

    The Writing Workshop strives to support and empower all writers at Wes. We work to support students with particular writing tasks while also cultivating spaces on campus for students to develop their voice, perspective, and values as writers. Our staff members support their peers by engaging in conversations about writing, regardless of whether writers are brainstorming, reviewing the structure of a draft, or processing instructor feedback. We aim to meet writers where they are and help them achieve their goals. As we say: All writers at any stage of their process are welcome!

    We believe:

    > We are all writers.

    > Writing is a process. Though it's true that most of our writing reaches an 'endpoint,' we understand that the act of writing requires a lot of work; work that doesn't start or end with a due date. As former tutor Ricardo Vega ('21) explains, "We are not editors, but rather guides through the writing process."

    >Writing does not have to be done in isolation. "College writing is so often an isolating process. Workshop sessions allow us to make it communal, working with peers who understand how difficult writing is, and can help alleviate the stress of having to tackle a paper all on your own." - Ben Bushnell ’21

    >The Writing Workshop can be a place outside of the normal hierarchical structures of the university. Peer to peer dialogues about writing can be less focused on grades and more focused on growth. As former tutor Emma Roush (‘21) notes, “Workshop appointments are a safe space and an opportunity to meet with a nonjudgmental and supportive peer advocate to help gain confidence and pride in one’s work.”

    > Successful writing extends far beyond writing that adheres to the norms of standard academic American English. We both recognize the material power this variety of English holds while aiming to cultivate the linguistic multiplicity of the Wesleyan community.

  • Anna Hauser

    Hi, my name’s Anna (she/her)! I’m a senior majoring in English with the Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory certificate. The Writing Workshop is hands down one of my favorite on-campus communities, but you can also find me working at the Center for Prison Education or singing with my a cappella group, Notably Sharp! I can’t decide if I should bite the bullet and watch House of Dragon or stay on my Atlanta rewatch…Please talk to me about your favorite recipes, restaurants, food combos, food writing, etc!
  • Anna Tjeltveit

    Hi, I'm Anna! I'm from Allentown, Pennsylvania and I love creative writing and studying different languages, especially German. On campus I'm involved in the Wesleyan Democratic Socialists and this semester I'll also be working as an English research assistant helping to edit an 18th century literature anthology.
  • Anne Kiely

    Hi everyone! I'm Anne Kiely (she/her), and I'm a junior majoring in Chemistry and Science in Society. I'm an editor at The Argus and a member of the Free Radicals, a club that runs chemical demonstrations. My favorite movie is The Martian, and in my spare time, I love making half-baked cookies and burnt broccoli.
  • Ariana Blaustein

    Hi! My name is Ariana and I’m a junior at Wes from NYC. I am an English major on the creative writing path. I’m interested in fictional and comedic writing as well as playwriting. On campus I perform with Desperate Measures Improv, Wesleyan Tonight, and Hysterics. I look forward to working with you this semester!
  • Asa Sakornpant

    Hi all! I'm Asa from Bangkok, Thailand. Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, and Mac Miller are my kind of tunes! I binge watch Peaky Blinders, Billions, and Bojack Horseman in my free time. Cooking and gymming, aside from writing, are how I best express myself. Lovely to meet you :)
  • Ashley Ogwang

    Hi y'all ! I'm Ashley and I am a senior majoring in Government and English. When I am not reading or writing in some corner at Olin, I love to watch documentaries, bake, and I may drink too much tea for my own good. You can also find me listening to various music genres - from R&B to Rock to K-Pop to Movie soundtracks - I love it all!
  • Audrey Nelson

    Hi! My name is Audrey and I'm a sophomore from the Seattle area, majoring in anthropology and math. Besides writing, I love romance novels, contact sports, and dangly earrings. Talk to me about the WNBA or being interfaith!
  • Briana Rodriguez Castillo

    Hello :) My name is Briana Rodriguez Castillo (she/her/hers), I am class of 2023, and I am from Denver, Colorado. I am a College of Social Studies and Government double major and a Human Rights Advocacy Minor. I enjoy philosophy and social/political theory classes that give me existential crises, and I think horror is an underrated movie genre.
  • Caleb Henning

    Hi! I’m a prospective Economics and French Studies major from Singapore. On campus, I’m a staff writer for the Wesleyan Argus, a QAC tutor, and the senior treasurer for the literary society/fraternity Alpha Delta Phi. I love sitcoms (Parks & Rec is a huge favorite) and meeting new people! Excited to work with you :)
  • Crystal Peña

    My name is Crystal (she/her/ella) and I'm a junior triple majoring in MB&B, Education Studies, and Dance! When I'm not at the Workshop, you'll probably find me getting a smoothie at Pi, dancing, or listening to music (my favorite artists are currently Bad Bunny and Harry Styles). I look forward to working with you all this academic school year!
  • Cyndi Lee

    Hey everyone! My name is Cyndi and I am the Multilingual Writing Fellow at the Shapiro Center, where I help to promote language learning, practice, and appreciation on campus. I currently speak Vietnamese, Spanish, and Korean, and I'm hoping to start learning Chinese or Norwegian in the near future. I graduated last spring with a major in Government and minors in Global Engagement and East Asian studies. In my spare time, I like to make origami and play League or osu!
  • Elias Mansell

    I’m a junior majoring in the College of Letters, classics, and astronomy, and I also work as a Head Copy Editor and News Editor for The Wesleyan Argus. Although I love to read absolutely any genre of writing, I hate writing about myself (especially in website bios).
  • Elias Owen

    Hello! My name is Elias Owen, and I’m a sophomore from Westchester in New York. I love writing in general, but I especially enjoy creative writing and scientific writing. Other than working in the Writing Center, I work in the Mélon Lab on campus, and I’m a prospective neuroscience and math double major. Don’t let my STEM activities fool you, though, I love to make art in my free time and I’m excited to work with all kinds of different writers!! Some of my favorite movies are Paris, Texas and Fantastic Mr. Fox :)
  • Elizabeth Ouanemalay

    Hi all, I’m Elizabeth ('23) and am thrilled to be a part of the Writing Workshop! I’m a Biology major who’s interested in developing practices to make STEM writing more accessible. On campus, some of my primary focuses include: researching bacterial evolution in a lab here on campus, working as the house manager for Science House, serving as the secretary for the Wesleyan QuestBridge Chapter, and being a McNair Fellow. Outside of academics, I greatly enjoy video games, binging Anime, and rock climbing.
  • Emily Chen

    Hi! I’m a senior majoring in American Studies with a minor in East Asian studies. Outside of classes, I like going on walks to Long Lane, listening to music, and organizing for Asian American Studies with my friends. Writing (specifically journaling) is how I clarify and navigate life. I'm excited to work with you all!
  • Gissel Ramirez

    Hey guys my name is Gissel Ramirez (she/her) and I am a junior majoring in English! I am a Mexican American student from New York City who loves journaling, reading creative nonfiction, and going to concerts. At Wes, I am also a Peer Career Advisor at the Gordon Career Center. If you ever want to try my starbies order its the iced brown sugar shaken espresso!
  • Jem Shin

    Hi! My name is Jem (they/them) and I'm a senior majoring in English and Economics with a minor in Data Analysis. I'm from Seoul, South Korea, and on campus, you can probably find me writing for The Argus or trying to work on my English thesis in Olin. During my free time, I love to watch movies, listen to Taylor Swift, or go rock climbing.
  • Jeremy Kim

    My name is Jeremy (he/him), and I am in the Class of 2023. I am a Chemistry Major (Pre-med) and pursuing the Writing Certificate here at Wes. Other than being a Writing Tutor/Mentor on campus, I am a member of the varsity swimming and diving team, research assistant for Professor Ben Elling, an orientation leader, and the co-chair of Wesleyan’s Korean Student Association. I am a big NBA and anime fan, and enjoy watching movies and listening to music~
  • Malaika Fernandes

    Hi! I'm a senior from Mumbai double majoring in Theater and Economics. I write plays and I love paying attention to the rhythm and sounds of language in my writing. You can usually find me at a rehearsal for something or the other.
  • Malia Detar Cheung

    Hello! I'm Malia (she/her), and I'm a sophomore from Oregon with plans for a double major in the College of Letters and Dance. I enjoy the detailed practice of close reading and analysis. I also love the treasure hunt of crafting creative work, especially poetry. I'm the leader of the Wesleyan Swing Dance Club on campus, and back home in the Pacific NW I love to rock climb and train horses.
  • Marcus Khoo

    Hello! My name is Marcus and I'm a senior from Malaysia although I grew up in Shanghai, China. I like writing to complain because I'm a certified hater. Two authors I have been obsessing over recently are Don DeLillo and Thomas Pynchon.
  • Nagena Latifi

    Hi! My name is Nagena (she/they), and I intend on majoring in Psychology and Computer Science. I'm from Middletown, CT (here!), but I was born in India. I enjoy listening to j-pop and k-pop. I like to watch anime and read webtoons in my spare time. Usually with my friends, I play some video games like roblox, minecraft, and cookie run kingdom. On campus, I am a part of the K-pop Dance Crew and the FGLI community.
  • Nkemka Chukwumerije

    Hi! My name is Nkemka Chukwumerije and I am a sophomore pursuing a major in Biology and SISP. I am originally from Los Angeles County, but I have recently moved to Atlanta, GA. I love sports, i'm a proud Nigerian-American, and my favorite genre of music is a toss-up between afrobeat + hip-hop!
  • Rebecca Dowd

    Hi all! I'm Rebecca (or Becca) (she/her) and I'm a senior studying SiSP and Hispanic Literatures and Cultures. I'm from Gloucester, MA and am told I never shut up about it (oops!) Often you can find me at rehearsal for my a cappella groups: The Mixolydians and the Cardinal Sinners. I love being outside and doing silly things with friends. Talk to me about book recs, duck noises and the ocean!
  • Shakira Abdul-Rauf

    My name Shakira Abdul-Rauf ‘24 (pronouns: she/hers). I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and my family is from Ghana. I am a Psychology and African American Studies double major with a minor in Chemistry. On my free time I love listening to music, reading, and rewatching '90s and '00s Black sitcoms.
  • Shaoxuan Tian

    Hi! I’m a senior pursuing double majors in sociology and CSS as well as the social, cultural, and critical theory certificate. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, stream-trekking, making crafts of various kinds, and reading narratives about memory and trauma. I’m interested in how access to and rules around story-telling co-constitute with power relations, and am committed to blurring the boundary between personal writings and theoretical works :)
  • Tenzin Jamdol

    Hi! I'm a sophomore from Queens, NY pursuing a double major in Education Studies and East Asian studies. I'm generally not great at picking favorites of anything, but the wonders of children's literature has never not felt like a big, warm hug. I hope to lace the boundless lessons I've learnt from them in my own work and offer likewise comfort and encouragement as a mentor!
  • Terrion Thirsty

    Hey I'm Terrion (Terri works too). I'm a POSSE vet from South Florida. I feel like my literary interests have been heavily influenced by Gary Paulson, The Myth Busters and a few existential crises.
  • Valerie Lee

    Hi! I’m Valerie and I’m an international student from Shanghai. Pursuing a double major in the College of Social Studies and economics, with a minor in the college of East Asian studies. If I’m not in class or doing school work, you’ll probably find me working in pi or home with music and baked goods. I’m really excited to be working with the writing workshop this year, and I look forward to writing with you!
  • Xiran Tan

    Hi, my name is Xiran (they/she). I am from Guangdong, China, where I always write about, both academically and creatively. Some of my favorite writers include Li Juan, Yiyun Li, Ocean Vuong, Ted Chiang, Maggie Nelson, Borges, etc. Currently watching The Sandman. Very excited to work with everyone!
  • Zariah Greene

    Hi Everyone! My name is Zariah Greene and I am a FTF Writing Mentor. I was born and raised on Long Island, NY but currently live in Raleigh NC. I enjoy writing about my experience in the U.S education system as an Afro-Latina woman navigating predominantly white schools. Here at Wesleyan I study Education Studies and Psychology. During my free time, I enjoy teaching around CT as the coordinator for the Adolescent Sexual Health Awareness Organization, volunteering with the Doula Project, and watching sappy reality tv such as the Bachelor. I hope to be a supporter both academically and beyond to the people I meet with in the Workshop. I can't wait to meet you!