Shapiro Writing Center

Shapiro Creative Writing Center

The Shapiro Creative Writing Center, located in a new building at 167 High Street (at the corner of Church and High Streets), signals the importance the Wesleyan University attaches to writing. The Shapiro Center serves as a hub for writing activities and provides a venue for readings, workshops, colloquia, informal discussions, student-sponsored events, and receptions. Its lounge is open to all students enrolled in creative writing courses.  The Center houses visiting writers, as well as Amy Bloom, the Distinguished University Writer-in-Residence at Wesleyan and director of the Shapiro Center for Creative Writing . Amy Bloom hosts Table Talk events every Thursday throughout the fall and spring semesters; open to all students, Table Talk provides students a weekly opportunity to discuss papers, creative writing problems and all reading/writing issues with Professor Bloom and peers. 

The Writing Workshop has an office at Shapiro where students can seek additional help with their writing. The workshop is open from 7-11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday nights. Appointments can be made through student e-portfolios.

John Shapiro ’74 and Shonni Silverberg M.D. ’76 of New York City established the center with a generous gift in 2009.   

For more information, please contact Amy Bloom, Shapiro Center Director., 860-685-3988.