At the Writing Workshop a staff of trained peer tutors is available to meet with you at every stage of the writing process.  You can meet with a tutor to discuss ideas for an upcoming assignment, edit a rough draft of a paper, or review a professor's comments on completed work.  Tutors meet with first-year students, senior thesis writers, and even faculty members.  Everyone is welcome and all services are free.


To schedule an appointment, you can either click here or go to your WesPortal, click on the Academics section, and select Writing Workshop Account. There you will create an account and see availability to setup an appointment. Appointments are held every hour, on the hour, in each of our locations. The duration of each appointment is 45 minutes. 

If all appointments are full, you can now join a waitlist, which will alert you by email if an appointment becomes available. In order to join the waitlist for a Workshop day, click the clock icon next to the date of a set of appointments. The pop-up box will allow you to select a specific tutor and time period to be placed on the waitlist for. You can also set the waitlist to alert you to all openings and for all times.

If you have any questions please email Dache Rogers at

All locations will serve as drop-in hours in the event that there are un-booked appointments for the night in those locations. Just show up with your work and ideas!


7-11 pm - Allbritton 109 - Charlotte Rich (SPANISH)

7-11 pm - SciLi 266 - Livia Ryan

7-11 pm - SciLi 77 - Anya Weinstock (CHINESE)

7-11 pm - Olin 107 - Elizabeth Eagles (SPANISH)


7-11 pm - Allbritton 109 - Kazumi Fish

7-11 pm - SciLi 266 - Henry Spiro (ITALIAN)

7-11 pm - SciLi 77 - Julia Levine

7-11 pm - Olin 107 - Fiona McLeod (SPANISH)


3-5 pm - Shapiro 301 - Professor Lauren Silber

7-11 pm - Allbritton 109 - Sophie Hayssen (FRENCH)

7-11 pm - SciLi 266 - Charlotte Klein

7-11 pm - SciLi 77 - Chiara Bercu (SPANISH)

7-11 pm - Olin Reference Offices (Rm 107) - Eleanor Highleyman


2-4 pm - Shapiro 307 - Dache Rogers

7-11 pm - Allbritton 109 - Lindsay Zelson

7-11 pm - SciLi 266 - Anna Fox (HEBREW/ARABIC)

7-11 pm - SciLi 77 - Jed Munson

7-11 pm - Olin Reference Offices (Rm 107) - Talia Cohen (HEBREW)


2-4 pm - Shapiro 307 - Dache Rogers

7-11 pm - SciLi 266 - Lauren Goetzman

7-11 pm - SciLi 77 - Ruby Ling

7-11 pm - Olin Reference Offices (Rm 107) - Isabel Steckel (ITALIAN)