Writing Workshop

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The Writing Workshop is open for virtual meetings this summer, from Wednesday, July 7 through Friday, August 27! Learn about the Writing Workshop here, or view our full schedule via your "Writing Workshop Account," under the "Academics" tab in WesPortal.

Are you an incoming first-year student curious about writing at Wesleyan or discovering confidence in your writing process? Come meet Wesleyan students and faculty and get some new tools at the First-Year Writer's Series every other Wednesday this summer from 6-7pm eastern time! Join us via Zoom: https://wesleyan.zoom.us/j/91370426974

  • July 7: Transitioning to College Writing
  • July 21: Brainstorming
  • August 4: Integrating Sources and Analyzing Tools
  • August 18: Revision Techniques


Who we are

The Writing Workshop strives to support and empower all writers at Wes. We work to support students with particular writing tasks while also cultivating spaces on campus for students to develop their voice, perspective, and values as writers. Our staff support their peers by engaging in conversations about writing, regardless of whether writers are brainstorming, reviewing the structure of a draft, or processing instructor feedback. We aim to meet writers where they are and help them achieve their goals with any type of writing—whether coursework, applications, or personal projects. As we say: All writers at any stage of their process are welcome!


We believe...

  • Writing is a process. Writing is thinking.
  • We are all writers.
  • The Writing Workshop can be a place outside of the normal hierarchical structures of the university. Peer-to-peer dialogues about writing can be less focused on grades and more focused on growth.
  • “Successful writing” extends beyond writing that adheres to the norms of standard academic American English. We see the material power this variety of English holds while aiming to cultivate the linguistic multiplicity of the Wesleyan community.
  • “Workshop appointments are a safe space and an opportunity to meet with a nonjudgmental and supportive peer advocate to help gain confidence and pride in one’s work.” - Emma Roush ’21, Writing Tutor
  • "College writing is so often an isolating process. Workshop sessions allow us to make it communal, working with peers who understand how difficult writing is, and can help alleviate the stress of having to tackle a paper all on your own." - Ben Bushnell ’21, Writing Tutor
  • "We are not editors, but rather guides through the writing process." - Ricardo Vega ’21, Writing Tutor


We work toward these goals through three main programs:

  • The Writing Workshop: Any writer may make a 45-minute appointment with a Writing Workshop Tutor to focus on any stage of writing, regardless of whether it is for a course. Appointments are available throughout weekdays and Sundays; check your Writing Workshop Account via WesPortal for details.
  • The Writing Mentor Program: At the start of each semester, any writer can apply to work with a Writing Mentor, a Workshop staff member who will meet with you each week of the semester to work on specific writing assignments and to build confidence in your writing process.
  • Senior Thesis/Capstone Support: The Writing Workshop offers bi-weekly write-ins, monthly writing retreats, a community Slack, and the spring semester Thesis Mentor program. Support is open to anyone completing a capstone, senior essay, or honors project during their final year at Wes.


If you have any questions/comments/concerns feel free to email writingworks@wesleyan.edu .