How to Apply

We look for new tutors and mentors to join our writing community each year. Applicants are hired each spring to begin work the following fall semester (unless you plan to study abroad in the fall). Applicants should feel comfortable discussing writing at all stages, from brainstorming and drafting to revising and editing, but you should not feel pressure to be an expert on all kinds of writing. We are looking for applicants who are active learners and have a clear sense of their own process as thinkers and writers. Applicants should show strong writing skills and, importantly, have a passion for working with other students.

If you have worked for us before and would like to return, we would love to have you! If it has been two semesters or less since you held a position in the Writing Workshop, please contact Ford Fellow CeCe Payne at If it has been more than two semesters since you last worked for us, please fill out a new application below.


A complete application includes:

  • JOB RANKING: You will be asked to indicate what job positions you would like to be hired for. While we will do our best to honor your preferences, we cannot guarantee that tutors will receive their first choice position. Before filling out your application, please read the job descriptions here.
  • REFERENCES: You will be asked to list the names of 2 faculty, staff or Wesleyan community members who can comment on your interpersonal skills and interest in writing and mentoring. No letters of recommendation are required.
  • TRANSCRIPT: You will be asked to upload your most recent academic transcript. You are welcome to obtain an official transcript from the University, but a screenshot of your unofficial transcript is acceptable. You can find your unofficial transcript by navigating to your “Academic History” through your WesPortal.
  • WRITING SAMPLE: You will be asked to upload one writing sample. We prefer strongly to see writing samples with grades and professor feedback, but your proudest ungraded material is acceptable as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Ford Fellow CeCe Payne at There is no need to email the Ford Fellow to confirm the receipt of your application or inquire about receiving an interview.