Before You Apply

Thank you for your interest in joining our team! Before applying, be sure to read through the job descriptions--and consider visiting the Writing Workshop if you haven't before! Each job offers unique approaches to supporting writers on campus, and as such, each job involves particular responsibilities, especially relating to scheduling. For example, Writing Mentors and Thesis Mentors create a work schedule with each of their mentees. Writing Workshop Tutors pick a schedule at the start of the semester and work the same hours every week.

Before applying, make sure to talk to 2 faculty, staff, or Wesleyan community members who can serve as your references for this position. References should be able to speak to your interpersonal skills and interests in writing and/or mentoring. References will not be asked for letters of recommendation.

Applicants must submit their current transcript. You are welcome to obtain an official transcript from the University, but we will also accept a screenshot of your unofficial transcript. You can find your unofficial transcript by navigating to your Academic History through WesPortal.

Applicants must also submit one writing sample. We prefer this sample to include professor feedback.