Course Tutor

Course Tutors are assigned to particular courses at Wesleyan. Course Tutors are ordinarily referred to the Writing Workshop by a faculty member with whom they have previously worked. Responsibilities of the Course Tutor are determined by the Tutor and the course instructor.  They may include attending class sessions, scheduling office hours on a consistent basis or during the week that an assignment is due, or reading drafts of a paper written by students. Regardless of professor or course, Course Tutors are expected to work an average of five hours per week supporting student writing. Course Tutors are not content tutors or TAs. Their work should focus only on writing. However, due to the nature of the course and pacing of assignments, they might find that their hours are spread out across a semester and not consistent across weeks.

Course Tutors are required to keep records of their meetings with students in their class, including information about student concerns, approaches they took to address student needs, and progress students may have made. These records (“Course Tutor Notes”) should also delineate the responsibilities of the tutor for that week, e.g. if they were required to hold office hours to prepare students for a paper, if they did not see students but met with the professor, etc. These reports will be submitted to the Ford Fellow and Assistant Director of Academic Writing and will be helpful to Writing Workshop staff in tracking student needs. Reports will be submitted about once a month throughout the semester.

Course Tutors are also expected to attend regular check-in sessions at the Shapiro Centers. These check-ins, held during common hour (T/Th from 12:15 until 1:00pm) will be held 9 times a semester for new mentors and 6 times a semester for veterans.