Job Descriptions

Writing tutors and mentors work a total of five hours every week for 12 weeks. Tutors and mentors are not expected to work during the first week of classes or finals week--though, for those who are interested, we offer opportunities to work during finals week on an hourly basis.

Upon initial hiring, writing tutors and mentors are expected to undergo an intensive day-and-a-half training session. New tutors then join veteran tutors in weekly or bi-weekly check-ins (depending on level of experience) directed by Writing Workshop staff.  Check-ins allow tutors and mentors to reflect on their praxis, to share and develop new methods in their work, to discuss research in the field, and to work together on troubleshooting issues that may come up in their work.

Writing tutors and mentors are paid a stipend of $660 for their work in the Writing Workshop. Tutors and mentors receive their stipend in two payments--one at mid semester and one at semester’s end. It is the responsibility of tutors and mentors to fill out any required forms with the Payroll office before they can be paid.

In addition to a stipend, writing tutors and mentors enroll in a 0.5 credit tutorial. (This .05 credit may help some students fulfill the Writing Certificate.) Registration in the tutorial occurs during the Drop/Add period.

For more information about the specific positions in the Writing Workshop, please explore the links below.