Thesis Mentor

Thesis Mentors are most often paired with three (3) senior thesis writers in the Spring semester. Thesis Mentors are expected to meet with each of these writers on a consistent basis (at least twice a month). Thesis Mentors serve as an extra pair of eyes for seniors working on theses. More specifically, Thesis Mentors are expected to focus on the specific writing concerns of a senior thesis writer, providing a fresh perspective to research and content as well as giving feedback on structure, organization, and style. Thesis Mentors are expected to read writers’ work ahead of meetings, paying particular attention to the needs of the thesis writer. Because Thesis Mentors often read a lot more writing than other Workshop tutors or mentors, this position requires strong time management skills.

In addition to their responsibilities as a mentor, Thesis Mentors are expected to assist the Ford Fellow and Assistant Director of Academic Writing in planning and executing thesis support programs. Thesis Mentors are each expected to staff several biweekly thesis write-ins. Thesis write-ins are opportunities for thesis writers to visit the Shapiro Center and write in community. The responsibilities of a staff member in these write-ins is to set up snacks, take attendance, clean up snacks at the end of the session, and be available to answer writers’ questions, if needed.

Thesis Mentors will be selected at the end of the fall semester and matched with mentees shortly after. Thesis Mentors are expected to attend a Thesis Mentee Reception during which they will meet their mentees and begin to establish expectations for their meetings. At the beginning of the Spring semester, Thesis Mentors and mentees will be expected to begin meeting immediately. After theses are submitted in April, Thesis Mentors and mentees will no longer be expected to meet. Following the thesis submission deadline, Thesis Mentors may choose to be assigned additional weekly Workshop responsibilities or to be finished with their duties for the semester.

Thesis Mentors are expected to keep records of their meetings with mentees in the form of client report forms submitted after each meeting to WC Online.

Thesis Mentors will be expected to complete all work and attend all meetings associated with the Ford Seminar.