Workshop Tutor

Workshop Tutors hold 45-minute individual appointments with students who are working on particular assignments or projects. They may assist students with a variety of writing tasks, including, but not limited to, academic papers, creative writing, application essays, and cover letters. Applicants who express interest mainly in becoming a Workshop Tutor may also be matched with one or more writing mentees when necessary to meet Workshop demand.

The Writing Workshop is open from Sunday to Friday for appointments in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Each appointment runs for 45 minutes and begins on the hour. Workshop Tutors must be available to provide students with writing help during all of their Workshop hours. If an appointment has not been reserved, Workshop Tutors should be prepared to accept a drop-in appointment during the open time. Workshop Tutors can take drop-in appointments up until thirty minutes into the hour, after which they should prepare for their next appointment to begin at the top of the next hour.

Workshop Tutors will be asked to inform the Ford Fellow of their availability to work, including their preferred hours. Shifts will not be scheduled to be longer than four hours at a time. Tutors who confirm their scheduled hours and later have a conflict are responsible for finding another tutor to cover their shift.

Workshop Tutors who are paired with a single mentee in addition to their Writing Workshop hours will have the same responsibilities to their mentee as do other Writing Mentors.  

Workshop Tutors will be expected to use a personal laptop during their office hours in order to navigate the online scheduler (WCOnline). Additionally, Workshop Tutors will be expected to complete Client Report Forms in the 15 minutes between appointments (or by the end of a shift). Training for the scheduler and Client Report Forms will be supplied during new tutor training. Workshop tutors are also encouraged to use the 15 minutes between appointments to take a break (eat, go to the restroom, take a walk, etc.) and prepare for their next meeting (by reviewing appointment forms, for example).

Workshop Tutors are also expected to attend meetings of the Ford Seminar each semester they work with the Workshop. In semesters unaffected by Covid-19, the seminar is held during common hour. During the 2020-2021 academic year, it is held as a mix of virtual and in-person, synchronous and asynchronous work accessible to all tutors, whether on or off campus.