Writing Mentor

Writing Mentors work with individual students who have requested the opportunity to receive ongoing support over the course of a semester.  Mentors meet with their “mentees” one on one, every week for 45 minutes, focusing on course papers, writing strategies, writing confidence, and general writing support. Mentors are not expected to read mentee’s writing before meetings.

Mentors are responsible for scheduling weekly meetings with their mentees--a task which requires foresight, firm boundaries, and a clear grasp of one’s own scheduling needs. Mentors are expected to meet with their mentees every week, whether or not the mentee has an upcoming assignment to work on. When mentees do not have an assignment due, mentors will be expected to develop a plan of action for the meeting. Mentors are encouraged to contact Lauren Silber, the Assistant Director of Academic Writing, and Naomi Glascock, the Ford Fellow, for ideas about exercises to work on with mentees or conversations to lead. They may also consult resources on the Writing Workshop Staff Moodle page.

Mentors are also responsible for finding an appropriate location for their meetings with mentees. In semesters unaffected by Covid-19, we suggest public locations with quiet spaces like Olin, Exley, Science Library, Usdan, Pi Cafe, and even the nook in the Shapiro Center for Writing; however, during the 2020-2021 academic year, all Workshop services may be held remotely through Zoom.

Mentors are expected to keep records of their meetings, including information about the mentees’ concerns, approaches they have taken with their mentees, and progress their mentees have made. This information is submitted after each meeting as a client report form on WC Online. They will be valuable to Writing Workshop staff in monitoring the needs of student writers.

Writing Mentors are also expected to attend regular meetings of the Ford Seminar. The seminar generally meets in person during common hour in semesters unaffected by Covid-19; however, during the 2020-2021 academic year, the seminar's coursework has been a mix of synchronous and asynchronous activities accessible to our on-campus and remote tutors.

Someone who mainly expresses interest in working as a Writing Mentor may be asked to work several weekly hours as a Workshop tutor if they cannot be matched with as many mentees as fulfill their weekly hours.