Academic Writing Resources for Multilingual Writers

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Multilingual Writers come in many forms and all are welcome here! Whether you are an international students, an ELL who has been studying in the US, or a bilingual student who notices some differences in US style writing, this page may offer you some guidance. This page provides information about US style writing, using sources in your writing, increasing your academic vocabulary, and improving the effectiveness of your reading. Remember that you can also make an appointment with a writing tutor. Feel free to use these instructions to make an appointment.

Academic Writing

Writing Expectations and Styles in the US

American Style of Writing

Tips for Writing in North American Colleges

How to Read an Assignment

Elements of Style

Preparing your paper

Tips for Brainstorming Ideas for your Papers

Developing a Central Claim

Wesleyan’s Brief Guide to Writing Thesis Statements

Thesis Statements for Different Types of Essays


Structuring an Essay

Types of Essays

Proofreading and Revising your Work

Revising your Essay

Editing and Proofreading

Using a “Reverse Outline” to Check your Structure

How to I Write a _____ Paper?

Discipline Specific Guides to Writing Papers at Wesleyan (see bottom of the page)

Harvard’s Brief Guides to Writing in the Disciplines

Writing about Statistics

Writing with Academic Sources

Why shouldn’t I just use Google or Google Scholar?

Using One Search (Wesleyan’s Library Search Engine)

Wesleyan’s Library’s Guide to Finding Sources

Wesleyan’s Guide to How do I Find and Evaluate Sources

Scheduling an Appointment with a Research Librarian


Quoting, Paraphrasing and Summarizing

When and How to Use Quotations

Wesleyan’s Brief Guide to Citations

Wesleyan Library’s How to Cite Sources

Video: A Very Brief Guide to Citations 

Guides to Citation Formats (APA, MLA, Chicago and others)

The Basics to Citing Your Sources

The Purdue Owl

Avoiding Plagiarism

Tutorial on Avoiding Plagiarism

5 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Quiz Yourself: Recognizing and Avoiding Plagiarism  

Increasing your Academic Vocabulary

Test your vocabulary

Academic Word List

Create electronic vocabulary cards

Academic Phrasal Verbs

50 Verbs of Analysis for English Academic Essays

Word Choice: Avoiding Awkward Wording, Wordiness, and Redundancy

Inclusive Language

Guide to Inclusive Language

Pronouns and Why They Matter

Reference Materials

Oxford English Online Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary and Thesaurus

Improving Reading Effectivness

Three P’s for Effective Reading

Taking notes while Reading

How to take the best notes - by hand or by computer? (Video) 

Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text, and Other Assistive Technology Available to Wes Students

General Sources about Writing Academic Papers

University of North Carolina’s Tips and Tools

Purdue Owl

DukeWrites Enrichment Suite

Harvard University’s Writing Resources