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Each year, the Director of Academic Writing convenes a five-week faculty seminar on the teaching of writing. Among other topics, faculty in the seminar discuss assignment and syllabus design; effective and time-efficient ways of responding to student writing; and the challenges and joys of teaching writing across campus in different modes, genres, and contexts. We'll also learn from on-campus and external experts about the experience of students as they work to become more successful writers. The seminar will be tailored to the interests of participants. Seminar members receive a $500 stipend to support their participation.

If you are interested in joining the seminar, keep an eye out for announcements or contact Stephanie Kuduk Weiner, sweiner@wesleyan.edu. Applications for the fall 2021 seminar (due May 21, 2021) can be submitted using this online form. Faculty at any rank, on any type of appointment at Wesleyan, are warmly welcome in the seminar.