Refer a Student

If you have asked a student to visit the Writing Workshop, please complete this form as is most useful to you. Responses are not required, but answering these questions may help us provide better assistance to your student. Alternatively, you can refer a student to the Writing Workshop by sending an email to Isabel Steckel ( Please identify the student, your course, and the concerns you would like us to address.

Faculty Seminar on the Teaching of Writing

Each year, the Director of Academic Writing convenes a five-week Faculty seminar on the teaching of writing. Among other topics, faculty in the seminar discuss best practices in assignment and syllabus design, the most effective ways of responding to student writing, the challenges of identifying and conveying the qualities of successful academic prose, and the information we have on the experience of students as they work to become more successful writers.  Seminar members receive a stipend to support their participation. If you are interested in joining the seminar, keep an eye out for announcements or contact Sean McCann,

Request a Course Tutor

The Shapiro Center for Writing works to support student writers across our campus. One way we do this is by training a peer tutor who is assigned to a particular course. These tutors work closely with faculty to provide sustained support for student writing. Depending on the course, this work may take a variety of forms including, but not limited to, regularly holding office hours to meet one-on-one with student writers or leading workshops on writing techniques with Writing Workshop faculty and staff.

Course tutors are expected to work an average of 5 hours per week. Though it is especially helpful to have tutors who are familiar with the course or discipline to which they are assigned, writing tutors should not be considered content experts, nor should they function as TAs. Instead, course tutors are meant primarily to provide writing support for students.

The form to request a Course Tutor for the Fall '19 semester is now open. Please fill out this form by April 11th. 

Request a Class Visit

Want to encourage your students to work on their writing? Request a class visit from a Writing Workshop Ambassador!

Writing Workshop Ambassadors are current Wes Writing Tutors that will come to your class and give a 5-10 minute presentation about our services. Visits are great because they:

  • have peers, rather than faculty, introduce students to writing support programs
  • can facilitate the registration process and walk students through the steps of making an appointment, lowering the barriers inherent in an online scheduling system
  • illustrate that all Wes students seek writing support for all types of reasons
  • show students that the Writing Workshop is a place to grow and develop as a writer, in addition to being a place to help students with specific writing needs

 If you’re interested, make a request here.