• SBC Allocation Criteria

    The SBC will use the following criteria to evaluate your group's allocation request for funding. Before applying for funding, review the following.

    The SBC strongly favors:  

    1.   Events that are open and advertised to as many Wesleyan students as possible.

    2.   Groups that utilize alternative sources of funding. Please consult the Alternative Sources of Funding section for more information.

    3.    Groups that have put on successful events in the past. The SBC will look at the past spending and efficiency of the group. These two factors are very important to the SBC's decision making process.

    4.    Accurate requests. The SBC strongly discourages inflating numbers - keep in mind that students, not the administration, fund the SBC, and any inflated amount decreases the amount of money the SBC can allocate to other groups.

    5.  Requests that are beneficial to the Wesleyan and Middletown communities.

    6.    Requests that relate to the group's mission statement and goals.

    7.    Requests that include all details associated with the event. The SBC wants student groups to be as specific as possible. Desired details include, but are not limited to, the dates of the event, specific costs and prices, venue, etc.

    8.   Groups that use their budgets to contribute to their events. Throughout the year student groups may have a profit from various events. The SBC encourages student groups to spend that money on future events.


    The SBC does NOT fund the following:

    1.    Groups unrecognized by COCo.

    2.    A request that has not been submitted through the online allocation system at least 14 days prior to event with the SBC.

    3.    Events that violate University Policy

    4.    Donations, gifts, or prizes.

    5.    Food or Drink unless it directly relates to the cultural purpose of the event. Food and drink should be used for cultural exposure and not for providing full meals.

    6.     Program House events that are not open to the greater community.

    7.     Honoraria or expenses for current faculty.

    8.     Trips that occur over breaks.

    9.    Alcoholic beverages, spirits, tobacco products, controlled or illegal substances.

    10.   Facility or maintenance upgrades.

    11.  Events that are not directly related to the mission statement of the group. If a group's mission statement is too ambiguous, the SBC will require that the group have COEAC approve a satisfactory revision before allocating funds.

    12.  Funding requests from groups planning identity months that have not met with a delegation of SBC and SALD members at least 21 days prior to any events.

    13.  Honoraria or expenses for Wesleyan alumni who graduated more than five years ago.

    Note: The SBC Allocation Criteria does not take into account race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, color, age, creed, national or ethnic origin, political affiliation, or handicap of any group sponsor or event participant.

  • Alternative Sources of Funding

    The SBC frequently asks groups to seek alternative sources of funding for their events. In general, the SBC prefers that groups look to other University departments in addition to applying to the SBC. There are various sources of funding on campus that give money according to certain criteria (this may vary from department to department). Such departments include the Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD) Office, academic departments, and the Deans' Office.  Click on this link. 

  • SBC Schedule

    Recognized student groups are eligible to submit funding requests during the SBC Weekly Meetings. Each student group must have a designated Financial Contact person, who should be aware and informed of all dealings with the SBC. The Financial Contact is not required to be present at hearings every time the group requests money, but s/he must sign off on every form the group submits to the Student Assembly Office. The Financial Contact also has access to the group's financial information through his/her e-portfolio. Finally, the Financial Contact is expected to respond in a timely fashion to any SBC inquiries, should any matters arise.

    Additional funds may granted on a per-request basis at the discretion of the SBC, depending on fund availability. We thank you for a fantastic year of student activities and appreciate your cooperation as this academic year comes to a close.

  • Student Activities Fee

    The Student Activities Fee (SAF) is a fee incorporated into the Wesleyan tuition. It is set by students to support student activities and projects. The SAF constitutes the entire budget for the SBC throughout the year. For the 2010-2011 Academic Year, the SAF levied on each student is $270.00. Part of the money goes towards the WSA Office, the Film Series, part of the Crowell Concert Series, and The New York Times Readership Program.  All remaining money is distributed among recognized student groups, including larger groups such as the Argus and WESU-FM.