Tim White ’23

Moscow, Russia
Prospective Film Major

Piya Oberoi ’22

Dubai, UAE
Neuroscience & Behavior, Science in Society

Michael Force ’21

Berwick, PA

Pauline Jaffe ’21

Lebanon, NJ
Government, Economics

You Make Us Wesleyan

We are proud to welcome you as part of our growing Wesleyan community of creators and changemakers. Together you and your classmates will reimagine the future through your curiosity, your creativity, and your vision. The next chapter of the Wesleyan story begins with you.

Admitted Student

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I Am Wesleyan

Sherwin Yu ’21

Edison, NJ

Major: Film Studies
Wesleyan Film Board, Intercut Magazine editor, Film Department projectionist, University Communications Social Media Intern, Wesleyan Film Series, Cardinal Pictures

“I made the right call in choosing Wes. Over the course of my academic career, I have taken courses as specialized as Contemporary East Asian Cinema, Television Storytelling, and The Hollywood Musical. I have gotten to shoot and edit with Bolex cameras and 16mm film stock. I have been an active participant in intimate writer’s workshops, project-based group tutorials, and quantitative data analysis labs. I even learned about game theory in a student forum about Texas Hold ’em. At Wes, curiosity and flexibility go hand-in-hand—I’ve been lucky enough to do it all and then some.”

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Felicia Soderberg ’21

Warren, MI

Major: Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Government
Minor: College of East Asian Studies
WSA President, Resident Advisor

"Some of the best moments in my Wesleyan career have been things that I didn’t really expect. . . . I’ve just had so many really wonderful conversations and really wonderful relationships that just happened because we both happened to be in the kitchen cooking at the same time."

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Makaela Kingsley ’98, MALS’05

Director, Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Adjunct Instructor in Public Policy

“As director of Wesleyan’s Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship, I teach and support students who seek to change the world. . . . Our students come from all classes and majors, and all walks of life. They bring their lived experiences to the table, and they build communities of entrepreneurs and change agents, “learning by doing” and supporting each other along the way. This culture of experimentation and collaboration is so Wesleyan! Any student who has that entrepreneurial spirit will find a welcoming home here.”

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Jared Gimbel ’11

Founder of Kaverini Korp

"[At Wesleyan], you are really encouraged to go against the stream. People are encouraged to be nonconformist. And to be a leader is to rebel. . . . [It's] how revelations are made, how new worlds are made, and how new streams are made."

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