The Office of Corporate, Foundation and Government Grants seeks funding from corporations, local and national foundations and government agencies in support of the needs of the University and its faculty.


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New Research to Explore Drought Mitigation

Over the past century, forests across the western United States have become vulnerable to catastrophic wildfires due to climate change. Overall, forest management activities for lowering wildfire risk appear to help, but little is known about how these activities influence forest water availability and water cycling, important indicators of drought. This is the key question […]

NSF Supports Etson’s Efforts to Develop Evidence-Based Inclusion Strategies in STEM

While scientific societies frequently approach diversity and inclusion efforts by supporting the professional development of historically underrepresented groups, data is lacking to evaluate the efficacy of these methods. As co-principal investigator I of a $701,000 National Science Foundation grant awarded to the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB), Candice Etson, assistant professor of molecular biology and […]
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