Economics involves the study of social relationships pertaining to the production and allocation of the means of life. One branch, macroeconomics, addresses issues relating to the performance of the economy as a whole, such as economic growth, unemployment, and inflation, while the other, microeconomics, studies the relationships that comprise an economy, addressing problems of income and wealth inequality, corporate power, industrial performance and global trade, and financial flows. Students majoring in economics find that they acquire an excellent preparation for careers in academics, business, consulting, law, and government.


                 ** We are back in the Frank Center for Public Affairs**
                Economic Office is located at 238 Church Street, Room 111



                                        Wednesday, February 21st - 4:30 pm
                                  Frank Center for Public Affairs - Room 101

                                                   Natalia de Paula Moreira
                        Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Wesleyan Media Project
                                                             Speaking on
                   "Gender and Accountability During the COVID-19 Pandemic"


                                                         ECON ZONE

                                                        Drop in Peer Tutors
                                           Beginning on Sunday, February 11th
                                           Public Affairs Center - Room 117
                                                         7:00pm - 9:00 pm

                                        Mondays & Tuesdays For Econ 300, 301, 302
                                          Wednesdays & Sundays for Econ 101, 110