The Education Studies minor is awarded to students who complete seven courses from an approved curriculum. Successful candidates must earn either a grade of B or better in each course or maintain a B+ or better average for the seven courses used for the minor. The courses must include at least one course in each of the following categories: 1) Cognitive and psychological influences on learning and schooling; 2) Social and structural analyses of education; 3) Statistics; 4) Broader contexts; 5) In-school experience. The two additional courses should be chosen from those listed in categories 1 and/or 2.  The courses may be completed in any order consistent with their prerequisites.

The supervising faculty maintains a list of suggested courses that can be found on the About the Minor page. Students may request that other courses be used to fulfill the requirements by emailing the supervising faculty along with a justification. The petition must give a full description of the education-related content of the course (e.g., from the detailed syllabus) and describe how it fulfills the requirements of the certificate equivalently to approved courses. No more than a total of two individual or group tutorials may be used to fulfill the minor requirements. Student forums are typically not eligible for approval but students are free to ask by emailing a copy of the syllabus to the supervising faculty.  Courses from other institutions may be used but must first be accepted for transfer credit by the relevant Wesleyan academic department or program. A cover form that should accompany course substitution petitions may be downloaded here.

The Category 5 In School Experience requirement does not need to be credit-bearing. If the experience is something other than one of the courses listed on the About the Minor page, the experience must be fully documented and meet the Category 5 criteria. The cover form to document fulfillment of Category 5 experiences may be downloaded here.