Human Rights Advocacy Minor

(for Wesleyan students)

The Minor in Human Rights Advocacy seeks to educate the next generation of advocates by engaging students in supervised human rights fact-finding, documentation, and advocacy.

The Minor provides a rigorous, structured program of study of human rights through focused coursework, combined with supervised, reflective engagement in practical human rights projects in partnership with the University Network for Human Rights (UNHR). Students will gain multidisciplinary understanding of human rights norms, social conflict, and abusive conduct by state, corporate, and private actors, as well as practical training and actual engagement in human rights practice under the supervision of experienced, reflective advocates. The Minor combines practical experience with critical inquiry and self-reflection.

Wesleyan ACTS for Human Rights

(for students from other campuses)

The ACTS (Advocacy & Community-based Training Semester) for Human Rights program at Wesleyan invites students from other campuses to take part in this innovative learning opportunity, the only one of its kind at a liberal arts college in the nation. Students selected for the Program will spend a semester at Wesleyan University, where they work alongside Wesleyan students.


University Network for Human Rights

The partnership with UNHR will provide students with an immersive experience in the study and practice of human rights that, to date, has been available only at law school human rights clinics. The University Network team of supervisors have decades of experience working in human rights and social justice in the United States and dozens of countries across the globe.