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How Did We Get Here? Wesleyan Puts Democracy in Action

Thought leaders on democracy, education, media, and art converged on Wesleyan University’s campus for the Democracy in Action convening, Feb. 16 to 17. The two-day event was full of engaging activities, panel sessions, and conversations around the future of our government and society. Scholar Michael Eric Dyson gave a spirited keynote address outlining the historical context of how we got here and closing speaker Anand Giridharadas, author and journalist, touched upon societal inequality, misinformation, and the path forward.

February 21, 2024

Wes in the News

Intelligence Squared

Shapiro-Silverberg University Professor of Creative Writing and Criticism Merve Emre joined the “Intelligence Squared” podcast for a conversation on feminist writing over the last six centuries.

Knowable Magazine

Meredith Hughes, associate professor of astronomy, spoke with Knowable Magazine for a piece on the discovery of an interstellar object found in 2017 and how it may lead to clues about other exoplanets.

Driving Force

Veteran speechwriter Scott Michaud '86 discusses his journey from Wesleyan to the White House and his new role at the Space Force, writing the rule book for the cosmos. Check out his interview in the latest edition of the magazine.

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