Psychology is the scientific study of behavior, mind, and brain. We seek to understand how people think and act, both as individuals and in groups.  The department has 18 faculty providing expertise in six subareas of study: cognitive, cultural, developmental, social, psychopathology, and neuroscience.  Features of the major include foundational courses, training in statistics and research methods, a cultural immersion experience, small advanced seminars, and opportunities to conduct original research.

Department Announcements

Psychology Department Advising Coordinator: Prof. Sarah Carney

If you are planning on studying abroad, and/or have studied abroad and have questions or need approval to transfer credits towards your major here in psychology, Prof. Carney is your contact person. She can also help advise with credit transfer if you are a transfer student, or if you took psychology courses at another University or College on a per course basis and would like to have that credit transferred to your psychology major here at Wesleyan. She can be reached at, 860-685-4976. Her office hours are posted,