Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Housing

  • Will on-campus housing be available?

    A: Dorm rooms will be available for alumni on a first-come, first-served basis starting in Spring 2020 (when Reunion & Commencement registration is available). Most rooms are singles or doubles.  All have twin beds and beds can be pushed or moved together. Housing assignments and keys can be obtained at Registration (Exley Science Center). Residence Hall rooms open on Thursday, May 21 and must be vacated by 1 p.m. on Sunday, May 24. 

  • How do I register for/request on-campus housing?

    A: The opportunity to register for a dorm room will be available for alumni on a first-come, first-served basis through the Reunion & Commencement online registration form which will be available in Spring 2020. 
    Note: If you secure on-campus housing, specific room assignments will only be available when you arrive on campus for the weekend.

  • If I receive on-campus housing, how will I know what to bring and where to go?

    A: Basic linens, a light blanket, a pillow, and a towel are provided, but please bring whatever else would make you feel more at home, such as an extra blanket, hair dryer, mirror, alarm clock, your favorite pillow, extra clothes hangers, reading light, radio, extra towel, or fan. Most rooms are doubles (two twin beds) with some singles. There are no private bathrooms. When you arrive on campus, please check in at Registration (Exley Science Center), where you will receive your room assignment and keys.


  • How many tickets are available per student? Can we reserve seats in advance?

    A: Everyone is welcome at Commencement. Tickets are not required to attend the ceremony and seats cannot be reserved in advance. The 5000 chairs on Andrus Field are available on a first-come, first-served basis; some are in the open air on the field, and others are under a tent with a direct view of the Commencement podium. There is additional room for seating on Foss Hill (bring a blanket or folding chairs) and inside 5 air-conditioned, handicapped accessible, simulcast locations.

  • What happens if it rains on Commencement day?

    A: An announcement will be made on Saturday, May 23 if we institute the "rain plan." If so, abbreviated ceremony will take place in the tent behind the seats on Andrus Field. It will accommodate many spectators, but since space will be limited, we respectfully ask that you reduce to three the number of guests who will be sitting under the tent. A simulcast of the Commencement Ceremony will be available via the web, in the Memorial Chapel, Patricelli ’92 Theater, Center for the Arts Hall, Tishler Lecture Hall (150 Exley Science Center), Taylor Meeting Room (Usdan), and the Andersen Meeting Room (Usdan); rain or shine. The best advice is to come prepared with raincoats and umbrellas. Please go to the week of May 18, for details about how you can view the ceremony.

  • What if I want to host a graduation party on campus?

    A: The University Policy on this is as follows:
     There will not be ANY space available for parents/families/friends to host dinners on campus (this includes existing tents, university buildings, lawns, etc.)
     We strongly discourage, and will not officially approve, installation of tents in the yards of woodframe houses. We will not help to secure the tents or anything in them (rented plates, chairs, etc.). In the past people have had these items stolen and we will not take any responsibility for any of it. Also, tents can damage lawns and the resident will be responsible for paying for any damages. 
     If people want to put up a small popup tent, we will not object, but again, will not officially approve it. 
     No one will be allowed to put up any tenting anywhere on campus that is not directly attached to a woodframe. For example, tents cannot be put up on the lawns around Fauver Apartments, near the res halls, etc.
     In conclusion, while no one will be stopped from having tents installed in woodframe backyards, we strongly discourage it and should caution parents against potential theft and damage. Encourage them to utilize the many restaurants downtown who look forward to accommodating large groups during R&C weekend. 
     Questions should be directed to the University Events & Conferences office.

  • What is the dress code?

    A: Unless otherwise noted, all of the weekend’s events are informal. Dress casually and comfortably (and bring clothes that are weather appropriate, since many events are held outside).

  • When and where do students get their caps and gowns?

    A: Beginning January 27, students will be able to purchase their cap and gown regalia (via credit card) from the following Oak Hall website:  

    Students will either choose a Bachelor Package, Masters Package, or Doctor Package. The website will guide you to the correct gown size by asking height and weight questions. Students can also stop by the Wesleyan R J Julia Bookstore – starting Monday, February 10th – to try on sample sizes before ordering on line.

    All Bachelor Regalia will be shipped to the Wesleyan R J Julia Bookstore and will be available for pick up starting Monday, May 4th. Students will have until March 15th to purchase their caps and gowns on line.

    Masters and PHD candidates will either elect to pick up their package at the Wesleyan R J Julia Bookstore or have it sent to their home address.
    • Masters and PHD candidates who wish to have their regalia shipped to the Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore must order online by April 8th. Masters and PHD regalia will be available for pick up at the Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore starting Friday, May 15th.
    • Masters and PHD candidates who wish to have their caps and gowns shipped to a home address will have until May 10th to order online.

    Please note: For those who don’t have the financial resources, loaner caps and gowns are available through the Wesleyan R J Julia Bookstore. Distribution of loaner graduation cap & gown will be limited to the week of May 11th. For further information, email Paula Page or visit her at the Wesleyan R J Julia Bookstore. Supplies are limited.

    Wesleyan R J Julia Bookstore: 413 Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457 (860) 685-3939.
    Store Hours: Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.; Sunday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.m. – 6 p.m.

  • Is there a still photo taken of my graduate during Commencement? How do I get one?

    A: A photographer from GradTrak® Graduation Images will be at the ceremony to take a candid photograph. You will receive a free passport-sized digital proof of these photos on an order card within 5-7 days following the ceremony. Questions may be emailed to After the ceremony you may order online at or call (800) 261-2576. Since photographs will be available, family members and guests are encouraged to remain in their seats, relax and enjoy the ceremony. To pre-register your permanent email address and receive a $5.00 coupon towards a purchase of $25.00 please visit and click on Pre-Event Registration. You may add contact information for up to 6 additional relatives and/or friends. GradTrak® will never sell or share the address/email information provided to them.

Camp Cardinal

  • Does Wesleyan have a program for kids during the Weekend?

    Yes, Wesleyan offers Camp Cardinal, an organized, on campus, supervised program by carefully selected Wesleyan students. It's designed to entertain your child(ren) during the weekend. The program is available for children ages 5 through 12 years.

  • What is Camp Cardinal like?

    Your children (ages 5 through 12) can look forward to a scavenger hunt, a pizza party, sports clinics, outdoor activities, a picnic lunch, swimming in the Freeman Athletic Center pool, large screen movies, an ice cream sundae party, and more.

  • How do I register my child(ren) for Camp Cardinal?

    You may sign up your child(ren) for all or part of Camp Cardinal when you register for the weekend (starting in Spring 2020). The registration fee includes food, snacks, and other essentials. You will receive more detailed program information and special permission forms once you register. If you have questions or need more specific information, please contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at (860) 685-2116 or


  • Why do I have to pay for certain events?

    Specific event fees cover a portion of the weekend’s overhead costs, including: meals and the cost of renting tents, tables, chairs, china, linens, physical plant, public safety, health services, student workers, entertainment, transportation, etc. We do not charge a per person registration fee.

  • Does Wesleyan make a profit on this event?

    No. Wesleyan subsidizes over 80% of the Reunion & Commencement Weekend expenses. The University does not raise funds from event charges. Fundraising for the Wesleyan Fund is done by a team of volunteers and staff throughout the year.

  • How do Wesleyan’s fees compare to those charged by other colleges?

    When comparing our fees to those set by other colleges, we found that Wesleyan’s fees are neither the least nor the most expensive. Our comparisons revealed that Wesleyan offers a much more comprehensive program than many other colleges. In addition, some colleges have a surfeit of good dining spaces, for example, and have little need to use tents to create temporary facilities. 


  • Do I have to register ahead for meals?

    Yes! To be guaranteed meals, help keep our catering costs down, and reduce waste, you should register in advance. You’ll have the opportunity to register beginning in Spring 2020.

  • Is there a registration deadline?

    Yes! The deadline is Thursday, May 14. We cannot process online registrations received after the registration deadline. We cannot guarantee the availability of meals unless you register by the deadline.

  • Will liquor be available over the weekend?

    Bars will be available at most luncheons, dinners, and campus parties. Most bars charge for beverages (credit/debit card), although some are hosted. Please remember to bring a photo ID.


  • If we bring a car to campus, where can we park?

    Parking is available at the MiddleOak Parking Garage (two blocks from campus at the junction of Court and Main streets), the Vine Street parking lot (adjacent to the tennis courts), the Freeman Athletic Center parking lots (Cross Street and Pine Street), and most other smaller lots on campus. Shuttle vans will run regularly between these lots and all sites on campus. The lot adjacent to the Stewart M. Reid House, Office of Admission, 70 Wyllys Avenue and the “C” lot on Church Street will be reserved for members of the Classes of ’69 and earlier, as well as for any individuals with disabilities. 


  • Who should register?

    All alumni should register. Parents and families of graduating seniors must register only if they plan to participate in an event or meal with a fee. If parents and families are not planning to attend events with a fee we still recommend that you register so that you may receive a nametag and welcome packet when you arrive on campus.

  • Why should I register?

    To reserve meals for you and your family/guests. Meals are limited, and unless you make reservations in advance, we cannot guarantee that meals will be available when you arrive on campus. In addition, alumni are asked to register to ensure that we have enough space for class-specific events. 

  • How do I register?

    Registration will be available beginning in Spring 2020. Online registration is available for those paying by credit or debit card.

  • What is the deadline to register?

    The deadline to register online is Thursday, May 14. If you choose to wait and register when you arrive on campus, we cannot guarantee the availability of meals.

  • What are Registration hours?

    Registration is available at the following times: 
    •Thursday, 2 p.m.-9 p.m. 
    •Friday, 9 a.m.-9 p.m.
    •Saturday, 8 a.m.-9 p.m.
    •Sunday, 8 a.m.-1 p.m. 

  • What happens if I need a refund of my registration fees?
    As a general policy, fees collected for event registration and other expenses are non-refundable. In most circumstances, these fees cover the cost to reserve a facility or catering needs. However, more importantly, the fees commit and confirm guest attendance which is important when other guests are interested in registering. The staff in the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations understands that unique circumstances do prevent some guests from fulfilling their obligations, and accepts written exceptions to the refund policy. Please direct those appeals to the office at 291 Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457 or We are not able to process refunds during the weekend.

Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

Wesleyan University is committed to making its educational programs and facilities accessible to people with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations can be provided by departments, programs and event organizers at the request of guests and visitors with disabilities. Accommodations that are considered reasonable are those that do not fundamentally alter the nature of the institution's programs and policies, and do not place an undue hardship on the institution. Reasonable accommodations are distinguished from services of a personal nature (such as provision of wheel chairs, personal care assistance, etc.) which the university does not generally provide. For more information visit:

  • How might I obtain a wheelchair for use during the weekend?

    Wesleyan is committed to full access for all people. While we cannot provide wheelchairs on a rental basis we suggest you contact one of the following companies to make temporary arrangements. 

    Ellsworth Medical 
    540 Windsor Avenue 
    Windsor, CT 
    (860) 298-9333 
    $50 per chair for the weekend Friday through Monday (pick up only). Approx. $200 charge for delivery. 

    Volusia Medical Supply 
    (866) 956-2025 
    Weekly Rental: $70 for Up to 250 pounds.  $85 Delivery to local hotels.

    Wheelchair Getaways 
    32 Stony Hill Road 
    Bethel, CT 
    (203) 790-9998, (203) 798-8640 
    $30 daily; $45 weekly; Pickup Only

    APEX Pharmacy 
    2380 Dixwell Avenue 
    Hamden, CT 
    (203) 281-6571 
    $25 Daily; Pickup Only


  • How do I get from my hotel to campus?
    Although some hotels provide limited shuttle service (please check with your hotel’s front desk), we encourage you to rent a car, or share a ride with another Wesleyan guest.


  • What are WESeminars?

    WESeminars are stimulating educational presentations by Wesleyan faculty members, parents, alumni, and students which enable participants to rekindle their connections to Wesleyan and gain insight into the teaching and scholarship that take place at the University today.