Hebrew at Wesleyan is an innovative and dynamic program geared towards the cultural and literary enrichment of the students. Well known scholars, writers and film directors from Israel visit each semester and participate in conversations with the students. The scholars’ works are integrated into the Hebrew curriculum and students get the opportunity to converse with them in Hebrew as well as to write papers about their works.  Two main series are integrated into the Hebrew curriculum: Contemporary Israeli Voices during the fall semester and the Ring Family Wesleyan University Israeli Film Festival during the spring semester. All Hebrew courses count towards a Minor in Jewish and Israel Studies. One Hebrew course from 202 and on can be counted towards the Religion major.

Students start the Hebrew Program with no prior knowledge and progress toward the study in Hebrew of  contemporary Israeli literature and films in the third year. The first two years are dedicated to acquiring all language skills. A new computer program with annotated films is part of the independent component of Intermediate Hebrew courses.  In the third year, Hebrew is offered as a seminar course in the first semester with the opportunity to take an advanced group tutorial in  the spring semester. If students are not sure about their placement, they are encouraged to take the on line placement test and/or discuss it with the instructor.

Contemporary Israeli Voices
Israeli Film Festival