Studying Abroad

A pinnacle of your undergraduate experience so be prepared!

Organized by Joel Miller '20

Study Abroad Requirements

Study Abroad Tips



  • Preparing
    • If you think you may want to go abroad, start planning in your first semester!
    • To study abroad in non-English-speaking countries whose language is taught at Wesleyan, students are required to reach a certain level in that language before going abroad
    • Keep an eye out for due dates from both OSA and the programs you are interested in exploring!
While abroad

While abroad

  • You’re still in school! Your learning experience may be very different abroad, but the academic skills that you’ve developed at Wes will still be very applicable while you are away
  • Peer advisors are available to abroad students
    • The APAs can call, skype, and email you should you need assistance
    • Time management is especially important abroad- getting help early on to establish a plan can ensure a successful semester
  • Major and Faculty advisors are still YOUR advisors while abroad
    • Email them to keep them updated!
    • Classes must be approved by your advisors for the semester you return
  • Be sure to check your email regularly! There are important announcement that you still need to be aware of (ie. University policy changes, ResLife announcements, and more)
    • Keep in mind time changes with university deadlines
    • If internet access will be in issue get in contact with the department prior to the deadline
Adjusting back

Adjusting back

  • Reverse culture shock exists
    • Create a plan for returning to American daily life
  • Wesleyan might feel overwhelming socially, academically and culturally so reach out to get the support you need
  • Talk about struggles you are facing with peers and other abroad students! More than likely you are not alone in the transition back. Get help early on to maximize success