Study Spaces

Information in chart form for the study spaces available on campus.

Organized by Elizabeth Vann '20

Buildings with Study Areas

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Study spaces - Information at a Glance

Study spaces - Information at a Glance
Building Space Appropriate for groups? Food available? Type of environment?
ALLB Espwesso Yes Coffee! (day)quiet
(night) social
ALLB Room 311 Yes quiet
BOGH Classrooms Yes reservable (EMS)
BOGH College of Letters Library (day only)
DWNY Lounge cozy
SCIE Classrooms Yes reservable (EMS)
SCIE Fishbowl silent
SCIE Lobby Yes social
SCIE Pi Cafe Yes Yes relaxed
OLIN Art Library Yes quiet
OLIN Main Library Spaces silent
OLIN Music Library quiet
OLIN Smith Reading Room silent
Cafe Red & Black Cafe Yes Yes social
SCLI Basement Yes quiet
SCLI First Floor Yes loud
SCLI Second Floor Yes quiet
USDAN Classrooms Yes reservable (EMS)
USDAN Daniel Family Commons (DFC) (night only)
USDAN Lobby Yes Yes social
VVO Astronomy Library quiet
R.J.Julia Wesleyan R.J. Julia Bookstore Yes Yes social

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