The Office of Support, Healing, Activism, and Prevention Education (SHAPE) is dedicated to reimagining a world without interpersonal violence, through supportive resources for those who have experienced harm, trauma-informed, healing-centered prevention education programming and trainings, self-care and wellness workshops, and supporting student activism within the Wesleyan University community.

This mission is in service of a larger vision to dismantle intersecting systems of oppression which create conditions for interpersonal violence to occur, and to educate the greater Wesleyan University community about these acts of violence and responding to them in a healing-centered way.  This vision is realized through courageous actions of self-reflection, intervention, and empathetic action.


Survivor Solidarity Month 2022 – Week 1

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Survivor Solidarity Month – Community Responsibility & Care

Hi Everyone! April is Survivor Solidarity Month and we have partnered with a lot of amazing folks on campus and in the community to bring you a month filled of events. Our theme this year is “Community Responsibility & Care”. Throughout this month, we will provide opportunities to engage in conversations about sexual violence prevention, intervention, ... Read more
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