Video Tutorials

If you have missed a training session or are seeking general information we provide video tutorials, FAQs and a Financial Manager Cheat-sheet. Each reference material contains vital information that will aid you with the budget request and contract management process. Below you will find links to our helpful video tutorials. Each video walks through the step by step process of navigating through important processes.

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  1. How to Access WesNest
  2. Introduction on How to Manage your Group on WesNest
  3. How to Update Group Administrators
  4. How to Request SBC Funding
  5. How to Review Approved Budgets
  6. How to Request a Room Using Room Request (EMS)
  7. How to Request Contracts
  8. How to Access Financial Forms
  9. How to Create Events in WesNest
  10. How to Track Attendance for your Event in WesNest


How To Access WesNest


Introduction on How to Manage your Group on WesNest


How To Update Group Administrators 


How To Request SBC Funding 


How To Review Approved Budgets


How To Request A Room Using Room Request (EMS)


How to Request Contracts 


How to Schedule an Appointment



How To Access Financial Forms


How To Create Events in WesNest



How to Track Attendance For your Event in WesNest