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Jeffrey Juris, "Mexican Free Radio and the Challenges of Militant Ethnography"

Tuesday, March 27th
Judd 116
reception to follow
This year, we welcome back Jeffrey Juris ('93, Anthropology), who will join us to present on his most recent ethnographic project on Mexico City free (or pirate) radio and the relationship between grassroots media activism and global movements for autonomy. Professor Juris's research explores transnational social movements, new media activism, and political protest in Spain/Catalonia, Mexico, and the US. He has done collaborative fieldwork with the World and US Social Forums, Occupy Boston, and the Barcelona-based Movement for Global Resistance, developing a model of politically-committed participant observation he has termed "militant ethnography." His books include Networking Futures: The Movements against Corporate Globalization; Global Democracy and the World Social Forums; and Insurgent Encounters: Transnational Activism, Ethnography, and the Political. He is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Northeastern University. Read more at http://www.jeffreyjuris.com/ and check out this interview: "Between Scholarship and Social Movements: In Conversation with Jeffrey Juris."

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