The Center for Global Studies is committed to helping all members of the Wesleyan community achieve the knowledge, language skills, and sensitivity each person will need in order to exercise effective and responsible citizenship in an increasingly inter-dependent world.


Our emphasis on intercultural communication, experience, and knowledge reflects the value we place on adaptability, compassion, and cultural self-awareness with respect to the world beyond our borders.  These qualities and practices put Wesleyan’s liberal arts program at the forefront of global education and are the hallmark of responsible global citizenship.


Study Abroad

Explore opportunities to take your study to the next level, immerse yourself in another culture, or do hands on, experiential learning in a variety of subjects.


Explore opportunities to conduct research, attend graduate school, or teach English after you graduate from Wesleyan. The Center for Global Studies administers the application process for many prestigious fellowships abroad and domestically.

Internships Abroad

Apply for internships in almost any discipline, some for credit and some not for credit. You may also explore internship opportunities as part of a study abroad program during the semester or summer.