Monday, October 5 to Friday, October 09, 2015

Monday, October 5

Biological Seminar - Noon - Hall-Atwater 84

Dr. Juan Liu Wesleyan University (Hingorani group)

"Checkpoints controlled by PCNA, DNA, and AT_ direct the timing and order of events in the clamp loading mechanism"

Physical Chemistry Seminar 

No seminar this week

Tuesday, October 6

No event 

Wednesday, October 7

No event 

Thursday, October 8

Organic-Inorganic Seminar - Noon - Hall-Atwater 84

No seminar this week

Friday, October 9

Departmental Colloquium - 3:30 pm - Hall-Atwater 84

Dr. Michael Tunick, US Department of Agricultural Research Services (USDA, ARS)

"Molecules to Mozzarella: The Chemistry of Cheese"

Coffee is served outside of HA84 before the seminar and refreshments are served afterwards in the Chemistry Lounge, HA6.