Monday, February 20th to Sunday, February 26th, 2017

Monday     --      February 20th

Students who are in their final semester can begin submitting their Major Certification Form for final certification and must do so by February 24. Faculty advisors should encourage senior advisees to submit the form.

Biological Seminar:         Katie Kaus         Olson Lab MB&B Dept      12:00 Room        HA84

                                                        "Structural Investigation of Bacterial Virulence Factors"

Chemical Physics Seminar :  No Event this week     

Tuesday    --      February  21st

CHEM258:  Office Hours 4:00 - 6:00  ESC092

CHEM142: TA Help Session 4:15-6:00 ESC139

CHEM144: TA Help Session 8:45 - 10:15 pm HA6

Wednesday --    February 22nd

In courses in which students have a choice of grading mode, the final choice must be made by 5:00pm.

CHEM338: Help Session 6:00-7:00pm HA84

CHEM144: Free Radical Review Session 7:00- 9:00pm HA6

Thursday     --    February 23rd

Organic/Inorganic Seminar  :           Melissa King       Personick Lab       12:00         HA84

                                                               "Synthesis of Shaped Nanoparticles 
                                                               with Bimetallic Surfaces 
                                                               via Selective Surface Passivation"

CHEM252:  Exam Review 7:00-9:00 pm Shanklin 107

CHEM142: Free radical Study Jam 7:00-9:00pm HA6

Friday         --     February 24th

Chemistry Colloquium :  No Event this week

Progress Exams: Prof. Novick and Prof. Russu will be available by 4:30                                                  

Saturday         --     February 25th

Sunday         --   February 26th