SUMMER 2016 Dining:

Between May 25th and June 24th the Daniel Family Commons is open for lunch only, Monday through Friday 11:30am-1:30pm $8.25 per person cash or credit.

From June 27th through July 29th Usdan Marketplace is open for all you can eat 7 days a week: Breakfast ($9.10), Lunch ($12.90)  and dinner ($15.80), weekend brunch ($12.90). Hours are: Breakfast M-F 7:30am-9am, Lunch M-F 11:30am-1:30pm, Dinner Sun. thru Sat. 5-6:30pm, Brunch Sat. & Sun. 10:30am-12:30pm.

Because summer is the only time some maintenance projects can occur, the Marketplace may have to close on specific days during the second summer session.  Dates will be published no later than one week prior if they must be closed and we will make every effort to limit these dates to time periods when the fewest patrons will be affected.  NOTE: THERE WILL BE NO DINING AVAILABLE ON SATURDAY JULY 23RD AND SUNDAY, JULY 24TH

Marketplace will be closed for the rest of the summer following Dinner on July 29th.

During the second session (Marketplace) the menu options are more geared toward the camp population on campus. Students planning on utilizing Marketplace while on campus in July should understand that this is a very different dining experience then what they have during the academic year. No Kosher or special dining options are available; limited vegetarian options may be available.

Summer meal accomodations:

Students, visitors and camps are not required to utilize the dining service on campus; therefore we do not guarantee accomodations for special needs beyond labeling the 8 major allergens. Campers needing special accomodations should work directly with their camp director to determine how the camp will be managing their needs.