Dining at Wesleyan

Wesleyan University Dining Services is managed by Bon Appétit Management Company. Founded in 1987, Bon Appétit is an onsite custom restaurant company that provides café and catering services to corporations, colleges and universities, and specialty venues. Bon Appétit is known for its culinary expertise, commitment to socially responsible food sourcing and business practices, and strong partnerships with respected conservation organizations.

The Wesleyan University community is proud to partner with a company that shares our values and equally proud of the level of culinary expertise and commitment to social responsibility they will bring to our campus dining program.

There are multiple dining venues on campus, managed by Bon Appetit including the Usdan Marketplace, Usdan Cafe, Summerfields, and Pi Cafe. The Wes Shop is also managed by Bon Appetit and provides a mini-market with a large inventory for on campus groceries. Dining locations are only open during regular semester periods. Breaks and summer they are either closed or on a modified schedule.

Fall Break Hours:

Friday 10/18:

Marketplace - regular hours; Late Night - CLOSED; Usdan Cafe - 8am-5pm; DFC - regular hours; Summerfields - CLOSED; Pi Cafe - 8am - 2pm; Weshop - 2pm-6pm 

Saturday 10/19: All locations closed except for Weshop which is open 2pm-6pm

Sunday 10/20: All locations closed except for Weshop which is open 2pm-6pm

Monday: 10/21: All locations closed except for Weshop which is open 2pm-6pm

Tuesday: 10/22: All locations closed with the following exceptions: Marketplace opens for dinner at 5pm-8pm; Late Night - regular hours; Summerfields opens for dinner at 5:30pm-9pm; Weshop - regular hours

Dining Resources:


Farm to Fork

Allergy Guidance

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Fall Break is fast approaching!  Don't forget that dining is closed for the entire weekend, limited WeShop hours. If you plan to stick around, plan ahead!

Marketplace policy reminder: When dining in Marketplace you may have multiple servings while you remain within the facility. You CANNOT swipe in, eat, leave and return during the same meal time period and eat again on that same swipe.  If you leave and return then you must pay for a second meal.