Health Insurance Compliance

Students returning from fall study abroad, leaves and transfer students must comply with spring insurance requirements.  See note below.  The website for compliance will open on 12/9/16.

Frequently Asked Questions 2016-17

Aetna Plan Brochure 2016-17

Voluntary Dental Insurance 2016-17

December, 2016

Dear Wesleyan Parent(s) or Guardian(s):

The University requires all students to maintain health insurance that is comparable to the university-sponsored plan. Every year, a few students have not been allowed to register or have been billed for unnecessary insurance because they did not complete the required online forms and thus experienced needless frustration. Please complete the necessary online forms as soon as possible even if your insurance has not changed since last year. Athletes must comply with this requirement even if they submitted insurance information to the Freeman Athletic Center.

Please Note: After review of a 3-year pilot, the Health Center has discontinued filing claims for visits and services directly to private insurance. Visits to the Health Center are free; however, limited, incidental charges for in-house testing (i.e. rapid mono/strep) will be charged to the student account as done prior to the pilot program. Students may request a claim statement to file to insurance. Routine laboratory testing sent to Quest will continue to be billed directly from the vendor to insurance plans.

Out-of-state Medicaid plans, many HMO plans and international plans not based in the United States are NOT considered comparable coverage. Students with these plans must enroll in the university-sponsored plan. Students with out-of-state Medicaid may be eligible to transfer insurance to the CT Husky Medicaid plan while at Wesleyan. Please go to or call 855-626-6632 for more information. Feel free to contact the Health Center if you have questions. To view details of the university plan underwritten by Aetna insurance, please check out the detailed FAQ handout at the website below. For insurance questions, call Gallagher Student Insurance at 800-499-5062.

You MUST do one of the following (waive or enroll):

If you have comparable private insurance for your student and do not want the university-sponsored plan, please show proof of insurance (waive) online at Please remember to keep a copy of the confirmation page and reference number you receive once you have waived online. 

If you do not have comparable private insurance for your student, you MUST ENROLL online in the university-sponsored plan at Your student’s account will be billed $1,178 for the spring only insurance plan (1/15/17–8/11/17) in late February; please do not send payment now.

Wesleyan University will continue to offer low-cost loans to most students who need assistance covering the cost of the health insurance policy. A hold may be placed on class registration for failure to show proof of private insurance or failure to enroll in the plan by January 30. A petition will need to be filed after the deadline.

Spring Only Insurance Enrollment Fee                               $1,178

Please do NOT send payment—student account will be billed in late February for anyone who enrolled or failed to complete an online waiver form.

Thank you for your prompt attention. Remember, proof of private insurance (waive) or online enrollment at is required by January 30, 2017.