1. Computer Science I (COMP 211)

2. One of the following courses:

        COMP 212     (Computer Science II)
        COMP 231     (Computer Structure and Organization)
        COMP 312     (Algorithms and Complexity)
        PHYS 340      (Computational Physics: Algorithms and Clusters)
3. Two courses from a menu of specialized courses
    (see list of courses below)

4. Project and Mini-thesis on Quantitative modeling theme 
    (including a required seminar talk)

5. Attendance at undergraduate seminar 
    (one semester)

Sample Courses for Requirement 3

        CHEM 340: Physical Chemistry IV: Quantum Chemistry 

        CHEM 388: Molecular Dynamics and Molecular Modeling

        COMP 301: Formal Languages and Automata 

        ECON 345: Macroeconomics for a Complex World 

        ECON 380: Mathematical Economics

        ECON 385: Econometrics

        ECON 391: Microeconomics Research Seminar

        MB&B 280: Modeling Biochemical and Biological Systems 

        PHYS 333: Computational Neuroscience and Biophysics