Why is the endowment important?

The endowment provides Wesleyan with resources that support the school’s academic mission, most importantly financial aid.

What return did the endowment have in fiscal year 2013?

The endowment generated a 10.8% return in fiscal 2013, ending the year with a market value of $688.6 million.  The externally managed portion of the endowment, managed by the investments office, ended the year at $665.6 million, and produced a return of 11.0%

What percentage of Wesleyan's operating budget does the endowment fund?

In fiscal year 2013 the endowment supported 14.5% of the operating budget.  In fiscal 2014, the University will spend $29.3 million from the endowment, contributing 15.0% of Wesleyan’s budget.

What is Wesleyan's spending policy?

Wesleyan’s current spending policy is determined by the prior year’s draw multiplied by a 6% growth rate, provided that the resulting amount neither exceeds 5.5% nor falls below 4.5% of the twelve-quarter moving average of the market value of the endowment.  The school is currently reviewing its spending policy.

Who sets endowment policy?

Endowment policy is set by the Investment Committee with information and guidance from the Chief Investment Officer and her staff.

Why are gifts important to Wesleyan's endowment?

Endowment growth depends on three factors: returns, spending withdrawals and donations. Schools that receive significant donations into endowment not only increase their competitive advantage immediately, but continue to maintain advantages over the long term through investment returns.

If I want to make a gift, whom should I contact?

Your annual gift to the Wesleyan Fund provides crucial support for Wesleyan’s endowment.  To make a gift, please go to give.wesleyan.edu.   To learn about other ways of making a gift to Wesleyan, please contact Mark Davis ’96, Director of Gift Planning at 860-685-3660 or mdavis@wesleyan.edu, or Ann Goodwin ’79, Associate Vice President for Development, at 860-685-2544 or agoodwin@wesleyan.edu