Academic Program

Certificate in Middle Eastern Studies

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The Certificate in Middle Eastern Studies requires eight courses, of which at least one course must be on Jewish and Israel studies and one must be on the Muslim Middle East.  Additionally, the eight required courses include  

  • Two courses (one full year) or equivalent at the intermediate level (second year) of Hebrew or Modern Standard Arabic (waived if the student demonstrates proficiency)
  • One gateway course
  • One course on historical texts and traditions
  • One course on contemporary society and politics
  • Three electives

Students who are granted a waiver of the language course requirement by the certificate director will take additional electives to complete eight courses toward the certificate. With the approval of the certificate director, one relevant tutorial and two relevant study-abroad courses may count toward the certificate. Normally, no more than two courses from any one department or program may count toward the certificate (this does not apply to language courses or to the gateway course).


Students may apply for admission to the certificate at any point in their undergraduate career at Wesleyan. For tracking, advising, and co-curricular purposes, they are encouraged to sign on early.

Interested students should contact Bruce Masters