TO:         Sociology Senior Majors
FROM:     Jonathan Cutler, Chair
RE:         Qualifying for Honors in Sociology

This is the time of year when seniors who qualify for honors should finalize their plans for enrollment in the Honors Program within the Department of Sociology. 

The first step in the process is confirmation that a candidate meets all course-work conditions.  To qualify for honors, a student must have an A- (91.7) average in at least 6 courses taken within the Sociology Department by the end of the seventh semester; however an A- average in five courses is sufficient to register as a candidate.  If you’re unsure if you qualify or wish to petition for a waiver, please contact Sharon Smith in the Sociology Office.  You should also be in conversation with your major advisor.  In requesting a waiver, you will write a brief explanation of the extenuating circumstances that would warrant authorization of a waiver for the Sociology GPA requirement.  

Thesis: based on (a) a record of distinction in course work and (b) completion of the two-semester senior thesis seminar, SOC 405/406, culminating in a thesis project which receives a grade of Honors or higher.

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