Documentation Guidelines

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Documentation requirements vary by situation. Because each person's situation is unique, the office simply asks that interested students meet/speak with Accessibility Services about their situation and the potential need for accommodations and other resources, and the documentation that will need to be submitted.

Though reporting formats vary, the following information and data are typically needed:

  • a clear statement of the diagnosed disability and severity of the condition
  • date of diagnosis
  • a list of the major life functions impacted by the disability
  • a diagnostic summary with an indication of how the disability will affect participation in college courses, activities, meals, and the residential experience
  • recommended strategies to assist in becoming an efficient learner, and recommended accommodations that are appropriate for the disability
  • the examiner's name, address, telephone number, and credentials with the signature of an evaluator qualified to make the diagnosis

The Disability Provider Form can be used to provide documentation of a disability.