Wasch Center By-Laws

By-Laws for the Wasch Center for Retired Faculty

I. The Office of the Director

A. Responsibilities: As the Chief Executive Officer, the Director will have programmatic control over the Center’s activities. The Director will have final authority over the allocation of space, including the assignment of offices and use of the Center for functions initiated by others in the Wesleyan community. The Director will also be charged to negotiate the Center’s annual budget with Wesleyan’s Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

B. Term of Office: The Director will serve a three-year term, which is renewable.

C. Appointment and Reappointment of the Director: The Vice-President for Academic Affairs of the University is charged with this responsibility.

II. The Advisory Board

A. Responsibilities: The Advisory Board will advise the Director on the Center’s policies and programs and on any other matters at the invitation of the Director.

B. Composition - Ex-Officio Members include William and Susan Wasch, an Academic Dean (as designated by the Office of Academic Affairs), and the Director of the Center for Faculty Career Development.

C. Composition - Other Members: Six additional members will be selected from the pool of emeriti and from the active faculty over sixty years old. The Director is also a voting member of the Advisory Board.

D. Appointment of the Other Members: Selection of Board members who are not ex-officio will be made by the Director of the Center and the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. In their decisions, they should insure that each Division of the University is represented.

E. Terms of Office: Board members who are not ex-officio will serve three- year terms, which are renewable.

III. Revision of By-laws

A. With ten day’s written notice, these by-laws may be revised or extended
by a favorable vote of nine of the eleven members of the Advisory Board.
Proxy votes, both written and e-mailed, shall be allowed if received by the Director in advance of the called meeting. The Vice-President for Academic
Affairs shall be offered an opportunity to comment in advance about pending
by-law changes.

Office space for retired faculty members is awarded at the discretion of the Director and the Advisory Board for a period of two years. For the two-year period, those seeking space must complete an application and supply a statement of their prospective scholarly activities, including teaching, research and other professional duties.

Before the end of the initial two-year period, office occupants will be asked by the Director if they wish to renew for an additional two years. A new statement of prospective scholarly activities is required to support requests for renewal. A similar procedure will be followed before the end of the second two-year term.

In order to make space available for new applicants, a six-year period of occupancy will normally be considered the limit. Faculty members who have occupied an office for three consecutive two-year periods might apply for an extension, but ceteris paribus, preference will be extended to new applicants in awarding office space.