Lecture Series

Oct 5

Wasch Center Fall Lecture Series- "What is a Scientific Conception of the World"

04:30 pm

Joe Rouse, Professor of Philosophy Many people think that a scientific conception of the world is comprehensive; others insist that phenomena such as consciousness, morality, or religious faith transcend what is scientifically intelligible. This talk addresses the prior question of what a scientific conception of the world would be, and develops an alternative to familiar answers to that question.

Oct 19

Wasch Center Fall Lecture Series- "Wesleyan In and Out: 34 Years"

04:30 pm

Barbara-Jan Wilson, Vice President of University Relations Reflections on 34 years at Wesleyan. How have alumni perceptions changed? How do the changes impact giving, engagement, reputation?

Nov 2

Wasch Center Fall Lecture Series- "Readings from MORMAMA with Q&A"

04:30 pm

Kit Reed, Author and Resident Writer Kit readsfrom her next novel, MORMAMA, available May 2017. Q&A to follow.

Nov 16

Wasch Center Fall Lecture Series- "Dragons, Jaguars, and Tigers: West Africa and its New Partner"

04:30 pm

Mike Nelson, Assistant Professor, Department of Government Over the last 15 years, China, Brazil, and India have increased their economic and political ties to the African continent. In this lecture, Nelson considers these new relationships from the perspectives of West African states.

Dec 7

Wasch Center Fall Lecture Series- "Hamming it up in the Villa of the Papyrus at Herculaneum"

04:30 pm

Chris Parslow, Professor of Classical Studies Among the legions of bronze and marble statuary and the mountains of charred papyrus scrolls recovered during excavations in the Villa dei Papiri at Herculaneum in 1755 emerged a humble yet practical object: a silver-plated portable sundial in the shape of a ham. The earliest known sundial of its type, this unique timepiece is well-known to historians of astronomy, but has been largely eclipsed in the history of the archaeology of the cities buried by Vesuvius by the more-famous papyrus scrolls. This paper explores the discovery and reception of this orologio di prosciutto , its function, and its relationship to its context in the Villa dei Papiri.

Dec 14

Wasch Center Fall Lecture Series- Performance by Celtic Melody

04:30 pm

Traditional Irish song and dance music including jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas and more. You can find a sample at http://www.celticmelody.net/?pg=listen

Film Series

Oct 11

Wasch Center Fall 2016 Film Series - A Raisin in the Sun

03:00 pm

A drama film written by Lorraine Hansberry (The Best Play of the Year, 1959); directed by Daniel Petrie; and starring Sidney Poitier, Ruby Dee, Claudia McNeil. The National Board of Review Award for Supporting Actress; Nominated for the Golden Globe Award. 128 minutes.

Nov 8

Wasch Center Fall 2016 Film Series - The Namesake

03:00 pm

Written by Sooni Taraporvala based on a novel by Jhumpa Lahiri; directed by Mira Nair; and starring Tabu, Irfan Khan, Kal Penn. Winner of International Film Festival, Bulgaria. 122 minutes.