Lecture Series

Sep 6

"Putin's Rearview Mirror" - Phil Pomper

04:30 pm

Putin's personal experience of Russia's humiliation after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and his role in Russians' recovery from their collective trauma during 2000-2017 will be the main topics presented.

Sep 20

"Editing Turgenev, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy" - Susanne Fusso

04:30 pm

My talk, "Editing Turgenev, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy: Mikhail Katkov and the Great Russian Novel," is based on my forthcoming book with the same title, which is described below. Fathers and Sons by Turgenev, Anna Karenina by Tolstoy, and Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky are a few of the great works of Russian prose that first appeared in the Russian Herald , a journal founded and edited by Mikhail Katkov. Yet because of his conservative politics and intrusive editing practices, Katkov has been either ignored or demonized by scholars in both Russia and the West. In Putins Russia, he is now being hailed as the savior of the fatherland due to his aggressive Russian nationalism. In Editing Turgenev, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy , Susanne Fusso examines Katkovs literary career without vilification or canonization, focusing on the ways in which his nationalism fueled his drive to create a canon of Russian literature and support its recognition around the world.

Oct 4

"An Older New Writer" - Paula Paige

04:30 pm

An Older `New Writer Reads from her Work

Oct 19

"Lord Cheif Justice Mansfield: Dark Horse of the American Revolution" - Ernest Lowrie

04:30 pm

As the Head of British Jurisprudence from 1756 to 1788, Lord Chief Justice Mansfield controlled the decisive constitutional issues that resulted in the American Revolution.

Nov 1

"On the Work of the Allbritton Center" - Rob Rosenthal

04:30 pm

The Allbritton Center contains and coordinates a variety of centers devoted to community-university collaborations, including the Jewett Center for Community Partnerships, the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship, the Service-Learning Program, and the Center for Prison Education. Over the past three years Allbritton has grown, diversified, and worked to define it mission and that of the Engaged University. Rob Rosenthal--involved in its creation and development, and its first (non-interim) directorwill discuss Allbrittons past and future.

Nov 15

"A Biologist's Perspective on the Question: 'What is Life?'" - Tony Infante

04:30 pm

Various issues concerning the nature of life will be discussed such as: The origin of life - how might it have all begun from star dust; possibilities of life elsewhere than on earth; the general properties of all living matter; the processes and the nuts-and-bolts involved. Emphasis will be on current thoughts on human life, in particular: how we may have evolved, why does aging of life occur, what are some "abnormal" (pathologies) that can occur, and finally where is human life heading.

Nov 29

"Haiti: A Critical Retrospective" - Alex Dupuy

04:30 pm

Haiti gained its independence from France in January 1804 subsequent to the only successful slave revolution in modern history. This talk will focus on the causes of that revolution and its consequences for Haitis subsequent turbulent and checkered history.

Film Series

Sep 12

The Chosen (1981)

03:00 pm

Directed by Jeremy Kagan. Chaim Potok's acclaimed novel is translated to the screen in this lyrical adaptation. It's World War II, and as battles rage in Europe and Asia, two young men -- one a member of the Hasidim, the other the son of a reformed Jew -- become friends in spite of their differences. 108 minutes.

Oct 10

The Third Man (1949)

03:00 pm

Directed by Carol Reed and written by Graham Greene. A British film noir, this movie takes place in post post-WWII Vienna. It focuses on an American (Joseph Cotton) who is offered a job in Vienna by his friend (Orson Welles). When the former arrives in Vienna, however, he is told that his friend is dead, and an investigation into what seems a suspicious death begins. 108 minutes.

Nov 14

Driving Miss Daisy (1989)

03:00 pm

Directed by Bruce Beresford, a film rendition of Alfred Uhrys play of the same title (1987) After wealthy and strong-willed Atlanta widow Miss Daisy Werthan crashes her car, her son insists she hire a chauffeur. Miss Daisy's stubborn reluctance gives way as she slowly warms up to her new driver and the two strike up an enduring friendship. 100 minutes.