Women in Science is a student group composed of undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, staff, and faculty dedicated to issues affecting women in science. Open to all majors and genders, WesWIS encourages all those interested to join the listserv (please email msnow@wesleyan.edu).

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  • WesWis at a NEURON conference lecture.
  • WesWIS welcomes all types of people at our luncheons!
  • The WesWis Team at CUNY’s Inspiring Women in Science.
  • Professor Jan Naegele of the Department of Biology discusses her research with undergraduates as part of the WesWIS Lab Tour Program.
  • One of Professor Naegele’s students discusses research in the lab with lab tour attendees.
  • Adela Ramirez and Sandy Durosier listen intently as Tasmiah Khan presents her research at the City University of New York at the Inspiring Women in Science Conference.
  • Four aspiring women in science wake up early, headed to the NEURON conference at Quinnipiac University.
  • Students engage in an active peer-advising luncheon on selection of labs and classes.
  • Graduate student, and WesWIS member, Katy Wyman gives a lab tour in the Department of Astronomy to high school girls participating in WesWIS’s Community Outreach Program.
  • Graduate student, and WesWIS member, Peri Mason gives a lab tour in the Department of Biology to high school girls participating in WesWIS’s Community Outreach Program.
  • Students enjoy the Naegele lab tour.
  • Elizabeth Evans ’13 describes how she has learned to solder electrodes that are surgically-implanted into the cortex of epileptic mice to monitor their seizure activity.
  • Genelle Faulkner and Katherine Ly at the Art of Science display at NEURON
  • The group photo includes, from left to right: Genelle Faulkner, Li Lin, Yashna Thappeta, Silvia Diaz-Roa and Mariah Schug
  • Silvia Diaz-Roa and Li Lin at the NEURON poster session
  • Michelle Francl, professor of chemistry on the Clowes Fund for Science and Public Policy at Bryn Mawr College, discusses her commentary entitled “Sex and the Citadel of Science" published in Nature Chemistry.  Professors Janice Naegele, Meredith Hughes, Amy MacQueen and students look on.
  • Associate Professor of Computer Science Janet Burge chats with the group.
  • WesWIS Steering Committee members Alex Irace and and Maya Lopez-Ichikawa.
  • The WesWIS Tea Reception was attended by thirty individuals interested in the issues related to women in science careers.