Notable Alumni by Category


Desiree Alvarez '85

New York City-based artist who prints on fabric

Ben Boothby '97


Abby Carter '83

Creative director of Samantha Premium Juice Co., illustrated numerous books for children

Rutherford Chang '02


Jem Cohen '84
New York-based filmmaker/media artist (Museum Hours) whose works are built from his ongoing collection of street footage, portraits, and sound
Carl Crossman '62

Recognized expert and lecturer in the field of Chinese art and ceramics; appeared for eight seasons as a guest appraiser on the PBS series Antiques Roadshow

Jeffrey Deitch '74
Art dealer and curator; former director, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art
Ellen Driscoll '74

Professor of sculpture at Rhode Island School of Design; work in major public and private collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Whitney Museum of Art

Vincent Armand Fecteau '91

San Francisco–based artist known for transforming ordinary materials, such as foamcore, seashells, string, rubber bands, paper clips, walnut shells, and popsicle sticks, into handcrafted sculptures

Lyle Ashton Harris '88
Photographer and artist with work exhibited in major art institutions
Rachel Harrison '89
New York-based sculptor, best known for assemblage work; winner of 2011 Calder Prize
Morrison Heckscher '62
Retired chairman of the American Wing, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
Dana Hoey '89

Photographer who takes pictures of herself and others in intimate, quotidian settings; work in public collections, including the Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden at the Smithsonian, and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art

Jonathan Horowitz '87

Multimedia artist working in video, sculpture, sound installation, and photography

Michael Joo '88

Artist whose work explores the boundaries between art and science, recipient of a Guggenheim fellowship

Bruce Eric Kaplan '87

New Yorker cartoonist; co-executive producer, Girls

Liz Magic Laser '03

New-York City-based photographer and video artist; adjunct professor of art history at the School of Visual Art

Glenn Ligon '82
Pioneering painter and printmaker whose work explores questions of race, language, desire, and identity
Michael Lobel '90

Author and art historian (Image Duplicator: Roy Lichtenstein and the Emergence of Pop Art, James Rosenquist)

Anissa Mack '92

Conceptual artist, “Pies for a Passerby” held in New York City, outside the Brooklyn Public library in 2002

Melissa R. Marks '87

Artist for her drawings, paintings, and installations, including a whimsical painting series, The Adventures of Volitia

Robert L. Marshall '82

Writer and artist who draws and paints on reflective surfaces such as mirrors and Mylar

Anne Arden McDonald '88

Photographer and sculptor; best known for self-portraits, building installations in the landscape or in abandoned interiors, included in her bookInstallations and Self Portraits

K.L. McKenna '79

Landscape painter and owner of Coffey Gallery, Inc., noted for her signature, color, light and spirit technique

Thomas McKnight '63
Sasha Rudensky '01

Photographer and visiting professor of art at Wesleyan

Christopher Russell '83

Artist known for his architectural ceramics; his custom tile projects have been featured in the New York Times, New York Newsday, Food & Wine,and Tile and Stone

Wade Saunders '71

Prolific modernist sculptor who draws upon a variety of materials

Alan Shestack '60

Former deputy director of the National Gallery of Art

Franklin Sirmans '91

Department head and curator of contemporary art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Keith Sklar '80

Los Angeles-based painter and large-scale muralist

Jill Snyder '79

Director, Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

karin Stack '88

Artist noted for her drawings; also a printmaker and graphic designer

Mark Steinmetz '82
Photographer; books include Tuscan Treesand South Central
Meissa Stern '80

New York City-based artist, who has shown her ceramic sculpture and drawings all over the United States and in Amsterdam

Philip Trager '56
Photographer; books include Villas of Palladio, Dancers, Changing Paris: A Tour Along the Seine, and Faces
Nancy Troy '74

Professor of art history, University of Southern California; expert on 20th-century design

Ben Weiner '03

New York City artist who works in oil, creating hyper-realistic paintings and finding the extraordinary in everyday objects

Marion Wilson '83

Installation artist

Andrew Witkin '00

Boston-based conceptual artist and director of the Barbara Krakow Gallery; winner of Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art’s Foster Prize

Victoria Wyeth, MA '05

Museum curator, Brandywine Museum, which showcases three generations of Wyeth paintings, as well as American illustration, still life, and landscape painting

Carrie Yamaoka '79

New York City-based artist who makes reflective and optically intriguing paintings of mylar encapsulated in resin

Michael Yamashita '71

Award-winning photographer who has worked for National Geographic for more than two decades; publications include Marco Polo: A Photographer’s Journey, and Zheng He: Tracing the Epic Voyages of China’s Greatest Explorer

Jody Zellen '83

Los Angeles-based artist who works in many media simultaneously, making photographs, installations, net art, and public art, as well as artists’ books that explore the subject of the urban environment

Brenda Zlamany '81

Portrait, still life, and landscape painter; serves as master etching printer at Erie Lackawana Editions

Business & Finance

Steve Badanes '65

Founder of Jersey Devils, an architectural firm specializing in energy-efficient structures; Howard Wright Endowed Chair, University of Washington

Marta Benson '84
Senior vice president, Strategy and Business Development, Williams-Sonoma
Binswanger Family '
Philadelphia-based national and international commercial real estate advisory and brokerage services firm (John ’54, Frank Sr. ’50, Jeff ’78)
William Bissell '88
Managing director of Fabindia Overseas Limited, Reg’d, India’s largest private retail platform for products made by artisans treated as shareholders
Ron Bloom '77
Senior adviser, Lazard; former senior counselor for manufacturing policy for Obama administration and head of the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry
John Borthwick '87
Founder and CEO, Betaworks, investment company
Andrew Brandon-Gordon '86
Managing Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co., Wesleyan trustee
Brad Burnham '77

Founding partner, Union Square Ventures, investment company

Jonathan Bush '93
Co-founder, CEO, and president of Athenahealth, Inc., a health care technology company
David Campbell '75

President, Ring’s End Lumber, a prominent retail lumber, millwork, and building specialties company in Connecticut

Marc Casper '90
President and CEO, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Tos Chirathivat '85
CEO, Central Retail Corporation, the largest Thai retailer 
Joe Choti '82


Bob Coleman '68

Senior vice president, Merrill Lynch

Robert Crispin '68

Former president and CEO, ING Investment Management

Alan Dachs '70
President and CEO, The Fremont Group (private investment company); member of the boards of directors of the Bechtel Group and the S. D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation
D. Ronald Daniel '52
Director and former CEO, McKinsey and Company; former treasurer, Harvard Corporation
David Daniel '77
CEO, Spencer Stuart and Associates (executive search firm)
James van B. Dresser '63

Former senior vice president and chief administrative officer, Boston Consulting Group; former chair of the Wesleyan Board of Trustees

Dana Dunne '85

President and group COO, eDreams ODIGEO

Sid Espinosa '94
Director of corporate citizenship and philanthropy at Microsoft; councilman and former mayor, Palo Alto
Charles Exley '51
Director, Merck; retired CEO and chairman, NCR, Inc.
Diana Farrell '87
President and CEO, JPMorgan Chase Institute; former deputy director, National Economic Council at the White House
John Frank '78
Managing principal, Oaktree Capital Management in Los Angeles, one of the world’s leading alternative investment managers
Lisa Frantzis '79

Managing director,  Navigant Consulting, and specialist in renewable energy issues

Ladeene Freimuth '89

Founder and president, The Freimuth Group, LLC, a domestic and international energy and environmental consulting firm

James Frischling '90

President and co-founder, NewOak Captial

Lexy Funk '91
Co-founder and CEO, Brooklyn Industries
Lindsay Gaskins '99

Founder and CEO, Marbles: The Brain Store

Thomas Giuffrida '71

President of JRT Ltd., telecommunications company

Ian Hague '83

Co-founder and principal, Firebird Management LLC, a financial fund management company with expertise in Russia

Stephen Hansel '69
Co-founder and chairman, Eclectic Investment Management, LLC
Darryl Hazel '70

Retired senior vice president, Ford Motor Company; former president, Ford Customer Service Division

Edward Heffernan '84

CEO and president, Alliance Data Systems

Anita Hersh '76

CEO, Lister Butler Consulting, Inc., a Manhattan marketing agency

Robert Hunter '62
Senior advisor, Rand Company; former United States ambassador to NATO
Herb Kelleher '53
Founder and retired chairman, president and CEO, Southwest Airlines
Thomas Kelly '73
Former president and COO, Schaller Anderson, Inc., health management company
Will Lansing '80


Douglas Levin '84

Former CEO, Fresh Samantha

David Lipton '75
First deputy managing director, International Monetary Fund
Gary Loveman '82
Chairman, Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc.
Karin Mayhew, MALS '92

Senior vice president, Health Net, Inc.

Mary McWilliams '71
Executive director, Washington Health Alliance
David Meadvin '03

President, Inkwell Strategies, executive communications company

Jack Mitchell '61

CEO and chair, Mitchells and Richards, two high-end clothing stores in southwestern Connecticut/Long Island; author of Hug Your Customers

Donna Morea '76
CEO, Adesso Group, consulting and advisory firm for businesses; retired president of CGI-AMS
Marc Nachmann '91
Managing Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co., Wesleyan trustee
Stephanie Oppenheim '84

Child development expert and publisher; co-founder of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio and a consumer authority on children’s media and toys

Andrew and Thomas Parkinson '
Founders, Peapod, Inc. Andrew is president and Thomas is senior VP and technology officer
Robert Patricelli '61
Chairman and CEO, Women’s Health, USA; director, Newman’s Own and Northeast Utilities
Robert Pruzan '85
Founding partner, Centerview Partners, financial advisory and private equity firm; former president and CEO in investment banking, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein
Amy Radin '79
Senior executive vice president and chief marketing officer, AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company
David Resnick '81

Managing director and co-head of investment banking, Rothschild North America

Steven Rhinesmith '65

Senior partner at Mercer Delta Executive learning center

Gregg Ribatt '90

Former president and CEO, Collective Brands Performance + Lifestyle Group

John Rice '74

Former president and CEO of Unilever

John Shapiro '74
Managing Director/Co-Founder of Chieftain Capital Management
Frank Sica '73

Managing director, Tailwind Capital LP; president, Menemsha Capital Partners, Ltd., a private investment firm

Todd Snyder '84

Managing director, Rothschild North America

Jonathan Soros '92

CEO, JS Capital Management; senior fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, a think tank based in New York City 

Joel Tillinghast '80

Portfolio manager, Fidelity Investments

John Usdan '80

President of Midwood Management, a company specializing in real estate 

Adam Usdan '83

Founder, president, and general partner, Trellus Management Co., LLC

Luke Wood '91

President and COO, Beats Electronics LLC

John Woodhouse '53

Co-founder, CLW Group; previously senior chair, chief executive officer, Sysco Corporation


Andrew Gottlieb '88

Co-creator and executive producer of the Independent Film Channel

Meredith (Orren) Hoffa '98

Writer and comedian

Wendy Spero '97

Comedian, actress, and author (Who’s Your Daddy? Microthrills)

Adam and Todd Stone '05

Comedy duo twins who have appeared in commercials and on the reality TV show Last Comic Standing


Gerald Baliles '63
Director, Miller Center of Public Affairs, University of Virginia; former governor of Virginia
Ruth Behar '77
Writer, filmmaker, professor of anthropology, University of Michigan; recipient of MacArthur Award
Douglas Bennet '59

Former president, Wesleyan University; former president and CEO, National Public Radio

Herbert Benson MD '57
Professor, Harvard Medical School; founding president of the Mind/Body Medical Institute; author ofThe Relaxation Response
Katherine Bergeron '80
President, Connecticut College
Anthony Caprio '67

President, Western New England College, and a French language scholar

Beverly Daniel Tatum '75

President of Spelman College and author of Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?

Peter Dybwad '61

President, The Wright Institute, a clinical psychology graduate school in Berkeley

Gordon Eaton '51

Retired director, U.S. Geological Survey; former director, Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory, and former president, Iowa State University

Ted Fiske '59
Educational writer, creator of The Fiske Guide to Colleges
Karl Furstenberg '67

Retired dean of admissions and financial aid, Dartmouth; former dean of admission, Wesleyan

Leslie Gabel-Brett '76
Director of education and public affairs, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund
Jordan Goldman '04
Founder and CEO of Unigo, an online students’ guide to colleges
Leslie Greengard '79
Director, Department of Mathematics, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University; member, National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering
Charles Ingrao '69

Professor of history at Purdue University and director of the Scholars’ Initiative, a project on the history of the Yugoslav conflicts

Patricia Keir, MAT '69

Eastern Iowa Community College district chancellor

David Klatell '70

Chair of international studies and professor of professional practice, the Journalism School at Columbia University

Jay Levy '60
AIDS researcher and educator; professor, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
John Lipsky '68
Distinguished visiting scholar of international economics, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University; former first deputy managing director, International Monetary Fund
Anthony Marx '81

President and CEO, New York Public Library; former president, Amherst College

Jerome Parker '69

President, Delaware County Community College in Media, Pennsylvania

David Rhodes '68
President, School for the Visual Arts
Sara Rosenbaum '73
Harold and Jane Hirsh Professor of Health Law and Policy, School of Public Health and Health Services, George Washington University Law School
Michael Roth '78

President, Wesleyan University; former president, California College of the Arts

Richard Schneider, MALS '73

President of Norwich College in Vermont, the nation’s oldest private military college

Theodore Shaw '76
Julius L. Chambers Distinguished Professor of Law and director of the University of North Carolina Center for Civil Rights
Beverly Daniel Tatum '75
President, Spelman College; author of Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria
Francis Voight '62

Co-founder, president, and CEO, New England Culinary Institute

Robert Weisbuch '68

Former president of Drew University, and former president of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

Film & TV

Phillip Abraham '82

Film and television director and cinematographer (Annapolis, The Sopranos, Mad Men, I Love You, Beth Cooper)

Sasha Alpert '82

Producer, Valentine Road; former producer, Project Runway

Miguel Arteta '89
Film and television director (The Good Girl, Youth in Revolt, Cedar Rapids, Enlightened)
Michael Bay '86
Film producer and director (The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, The Island, Transformers franchise)
Carter Bays '97
Co-creator and writer of television comedy shows (How I Met Your Mother, The Goodwin Games)
Jordan Belfi '00

Actor (Entourage)

Shari Springer Berman '85

Film director and screenwriter (with Robert Pulcini—American Splendor, The Nanny Diaries, The Extra Man, Cinema Verite, Imogene)

Mark Bomback '93

Screenwriter (Live Free and Die Hard, Godsend, Race to Witch Mountain, Unstoppable, Jack the Giant Killer, Total Recall)

Jacob Bricca '93

Documentary filmmaker and editor (Pure, Indies Under Fire, Lost in La Mancha, Tantaka)

Bruce Corwin '62
Chairman and CEO, Metropolitan Theatres Corporation
Jennifer Crittenden '92

Television and film producer and writer (The New Adventures of Old Christine, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, What's Your Number?)

Eric Dachs '98

Sound editor and designer; founder and CEO, PIX System

Ed Decter '79

Screenwriter and director (There’s Something About Mary, The Santa Clause 2 and 3, The New Guy, In Plain Sight)

Dana Delany '78
Emmy Award-winning actress whose credits include the television shows (China Beach, Desperate Housewives, Body of Proof) and films (Tombstone, Fly Away Home)
Jan Eliasberg '74

Director (NCIS: Los Angeles, Blue Bloods), producer, writer (Sisters)

Matt Ember '83

Screenwriter (Failure to Launch, Get Smart)

Toby Emmerich '85
President and CEO of New Line Cinema
Jennifer Flackett '86
Screenwriter (Madeline, Wimbledon, Little Manhattan)
Ruben Fleischer '97
Film director (Zombieland, 30 Minutes or Less, Gangster Squad)
Stephen Friedman '91
President, MTV
Liz W. Garcia '99

Television writer and producer; film director and writer (Wonderfalls, Cold Case, Memphis Bea, The Lifeguard)

Willie Garson (William Paszamant) '85

Actor (John from Cincinnati, Sex and the City,White Collar)

Daniel C. Gold '75

Cameraman (The Perfect Storm, Spider-Man, Tropic Thunder, I Love You Man, Fame)

Akiva Goldsman '83
Film producer and screenwriter (A Beautiful Mind—Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar, Cinderella Man, The DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons)
David Goodman '95

Television producer and writer (Fringe, Without a Trace)

Carl Goodman '88

Executive director, Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria, New York

Matthew Greenfield '90
Senior vice president of production, Fox Searchlight Pictures
Eleo Hensleigh '80

Senior vice president, marketing and communications, Travel Channel

Jon Hoeber '93

Screenwriter (Red, Man on the Ledge, Battleship)

Thomas Kail '99
Theater director (In the HeightsLombardi, Hamilton)
Dina Kaplan '93
Cofounder of Blip TV; founder, The Path meditation workshop
Evan Katz '83

Television and executive producer and writer (The Commish, 24, The Event, Awake)

David Kendall '79

Film and television writer, director, producer (Growing Pains, Boy Meets World, iCarly, Hannah Montana)

David Kohan '86
Co-creator and executive producer of television comedy shows (Will and Grace)
Alex Kurtzman '95
Film and television screenwriter and producer (Alias, Transformers, Fringe, Star Trek [2009], Sleepy Hollow); director (People Like Us)
Jeffrey Lane '76

Television producer and writer (Mad About You); also, book writer for the musicals Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Adam Leff '90

Screenwriter and producer (PCU, Valentino: The Last Emperor)

Dylan Leiner '93

Executive vice president, acquisitions and production, Sony Pictures Classics

James Longley '94
Documentary filmmaker (Iraq in Fragments); recipient of MacArthur Award
Jim Margolis '93

Showrunner, Newsrunners; co-executive producer (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)

Lawrence Mark '71
Film and television producer (Jerry Maguire, As Good As It Gets, Dreamgirls, Julie and Julia, Political Animals,Last Vegas)
C. Richard Nicita '67
Independent manager in film; former co-chairman and COO, Morgan Creek Productions
Sascha Paladino '98
Documentary filmmaker (Throw Down Your Heart)
Zak Penn '90
Screenwriter and television producer (The Incredible Hulk, X Men: The Last Stand, Alphas); director (Incident at Loch Ness, The Grand)
Matt Penn '80

Television director and executive producer (NYPD Blue, Law and Order)

Katey Rich '06

Digital Hollywood editor, Vanity Fair

Jeffrey Richards '69
Tony Award-winning theater producer (Spring Awakening, August: Osage County, Hair, The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess)
Tom Rogers '75
Founder of CNBC; first President of NBC Cable; longest serving CEO of TiVo; Executive Chairman, WinView
Jessica Sanders '99

Documentary filmmaker (After Innocence)

Paul Schiff '81
Film producer (My Cousin Vinny, Rushmore, Mona Lisa Smile, Solitary Man)
Matt Senreigh '96

Emmy-winning screenwriter, television producer, and director, Robot Chicken

Sadia Shepard '97

Documentary filmmaker (In Search of Bene Israel) and producer (The September Issue); also, author (The Girl from Foreign)

Marc Shmuger '80

Producer (We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks, The Spectacular Now); former CEO and chairman, Universal Pictures

Dan Shotz '99

Television writer and producer (Harper’s Island, Jericho, Common Law)

Shari Springer Berman '85
Film director (with Robert Pulcini—American Splendor, The Nanny Diaries, Cinema Verite, Girl Most Likely, Ten Thousand Saints)
Craig Thomas '97
Co-creator and writer of television comedy shows (How I Met Your Mother, The Goodwin Games)
Jon Turteltaub '85
Film director (Phenomenon, While You Were Sleeping, Cool Runnings, National TreasureLast Vegas); creator of television dramas (Jericho, Harper's Island, Common Law)
Matthew Tyrnauer '80

Documentary filmmaker (Valentino: The Last Emperor)

Jason Weinberg '89

Founding partner, talent manager, Untitled Entertainment

Matthew Weiner '87
Emmy Award-winning creator, writer, executive producer of Mad Men
Roger Weisberg '75
Award-winning documentary filmmaker (Road Scholar, Sound and Fury, Why Can't We Be a Family Again?, Aging Out)
D.B. Weiss '93
Executive producer and writer, Game of Thrones
Paul Weitz '88
Film director, In Good Company, Little Fockers, Being Flynn, Admission, Grandma (and with brother Chris Weitz,American Pie, About a Boy) and playwright (Privilege, Show People, Trust, Lonely, I'm Not)
Joss Whedon '87
Creator, producer, director, and writer forBuffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (Emmy Award). Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; film director and screenwriter (SpeedToy Story, Serenity, The Cabin in the Woods, The Avengers, Much Ado About Nothing)
Mike White '92
Screenwriter and television producer (Chuck & Buck, The Good Girl, School of Rock, Nacho Libre, Enlightened); director (Year of the Dog)
Bradley Whitford '81
Film and television actor (The West Wing—Emmy Award, Billy Madison, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Cabin in the Woods, Trophy Wife, Saving Mr. Banks, Brooklyn NIne-Nine, Happyish)
Frank Wood '83
Tony award-winning actor in theater, film, and television
Bill Wrubel '85

Television producer and writer (Will and Grace, Ugly Betty, Modern Family)

Benh Zeitlin '04

Film director and screenwriter (Glory at Sea, Beasts of the Southern Wild)

Food & Wine

Eric Asimov '79
Chief wine critic, The New York Times
Bruce Cost '66

Co-founder of Wow Bao, an Asian fusion restaurant in the Chicago Loop; partner in Big Bowl restaurants; author of several cookbooks, including Big Bowl Noodles and Rice

Jim Lacrosse '57

Chairman and president, National Wine & Spirits Inc.

Paul Levitan '85

Co-founder, president and CEO, Galaxy Desserts

Michael Leviton '88
Owner and chef of Lumiere Restaurant outside Boston; also owner of Area Four in Cambridge
Candace Nelson '96
Founder, Sprinkles
Ariel Rubissow Okamoto '81

Owner and vinter with her husband of Rubissow Wines, a second-generation, single vineyard producers of limited-edition artisan red wines

Doug Polaner '86

Founder (with wife Tina Fischer), Polaner Selections, Mount Kisco-based wine importer and distributor in the fine wine wholesale market

Steven Tanzer '71

Editor and publisher of the bimonthly International Wine Cellar, read by wine professionals and others in all 50 states and 34 countries

Journalism, Media, Publishing, Public Relations

Lindsay Abrams '12

Staff writer,

Robert Allbritton '92
Publisher of Politico; chairman and CEO of Allbritton Communications
Doug Berman '84

Peabody Award-winning producer who launched NPR’s hit comedy show, Car Talk; currently CEO of Dewey Cheatham & Howe

William Blakemore '65

Correspondent and journalist with ABC for more than 35 years, known for spearheading the network’s coverage of global warming

David Brancaccio '82
Host, Marketplace Morning Report
Ethan Bronner '76
Managing editor for international government, Bloomberg; previously deputy national editor The New York Times, helped edit a series of articles on al Qaeda that were awarded the 2001 Pulitzer Prize
Marysol Castro '96

Anchor, WPIX Morning News, New York City

Dorothy Crenshaw '77

CEO and creative director, Crenshaw Communications

Alex Crippen '82

Executive producer, CNBC Business News

Pamela Dorman '79

Vice president and publisher, Pamela Dorman Books/Viking

William Duryea '85

National editor, The Tampa Bay Times

Jane Eisner '77
Editor, The Forward
Cassi Feldman '96

Associate producer, 60 Minutes

Smokey Fontaine '93
Oversees the largest online African American network; author of EARL: The Autobiography of DMX
Michael Fries '85
President and CEO, Liberty Global Inc., international cable operator
Pauline Frommer '88

Editor of Budget Travel Online and an award-winning writer

Christopher Graves '81
President and CEO, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Alberto Ibarguen '66
President and CEO, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (journalism); former publisher, the Miami Herald
Laura Kaufman '80

Vice president and marketing director, Public Affairs Books

Robert King '84

Senior vice president, SportsCenter and News, ESPN

Alex Kotlowitz '77
Journalist, activist, author (There Are No Children Here, The Other Side of the River); producer of documentary The Interrupters
Brooks Kraft '87
Nationally recognized photojournalist who specializes in portrait photography and photojournalism in Washington, D.C.
Julie Lasky '82

Editor, Design Observer and Change Observer

Ariel Levy '96

Staff writer, The New Yorker; author (Female Chauvinist Pigs)

Caroline Little '81
CEO, Newspaper Association of America
Emilie Marcus '82
Editor, Cell magazine
Paul Mason '77
President and CEO, Link TV; co-founder of Mezclado, an independent television production company; former senior vice president, ABC Inc.
Mora McLean '77
Former president and CEO, Africa-America Institute
Alan Miller '76
Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter, formerly with The Los Angeles Times; now founder of the News Literacy Project
Nicole Phelps '94
Executive editor at
Randall Pinkston '72
Emmy Award–winning television journalist; correspondent, Al Jazeera America; formerly with CBS News
Barbara Roessner '75
Executive editor, Hearst Connecticut Newspapers
Peter Schube '81
President and COO, Jim Henson Company
Randy Siegel '83
President of local digital strategy, Advance Publications
Harold Sogard '74

Chairman, Publicis & Hal Riney, advertising agency

Johnny Temple '88
Publisher, Akashic Books
Laura Walker '79
President and CEO, WNYC (nation’s largest public radio station)
Jonathan Weber '82

West coast bureau chief, Reuters; former editor-in-chief, The Bay Citizen

Susan Weinberg '80

Senior vice president,  publisher, Perseus Books Group

John Yang '80
Peabody Award-winning news correspondent, NBC
Matvei Yankelevich '95

Editor, Ugly Duckling Presse

Angela Yee '97

Radio personality on The Breakfast Club, Power 105.1, New York City

Strauss Zelnick '79
CEO, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.; founder and president, ZelnickMedia


Neal Brody '80

Vice president and technical director of ENTRIX, Inc.; specialist in environmental cases

Fritz Faerber '65

Principal at Faerber & Anderson, renowned as an exceptional trial lawyer

Stephen Ferruolo '71

Dean, University of San Diego School of Law

Evan Flaschen '79

Bracewell & Giuliani, LLP

Katherine Forrest '80

U.S. District Court judge, southern district of New York

Seth Gelblum '75

Partner at the law firm of Loeb & Loeb, chair of the theater practice group

Russell "Rusty" Hardin '64

Trial attorney and founding partner of Hardin and Associates; founded Texas People Against Crime (TPAC), dedicated to addressing criminal justice issues from the perspective of crime victims and law enforcement

Monica Noether '74

Executive vice president and head of the litigation and applied economics platform at CRA International, a management consulting firm

Stephen Olesky '64

Of counsel, Hiscock & Barclay (Boston), focusing on complex civil litigation and appellate matters; known for pro-bono legal work

Steven Pfeiffer '69

Chair of the executive committee at Fulbright & Jaworski LLP (Washington, D.C. office); board member of the Africa-America Institute

Jen Rosenworcel '93

Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission

Brian Schorr '79

Partner and chief legal officer, Trian Fund Management, L.P.

Amy Schulman '82
Venture partner, Polaris Partners, and CEO, Arsia Theraputics; former executive vice president and general counsel for Pfizer
Hon. Anthony Scirica '62
Chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (Philadelphia)
Paul Singarella '80

Partner in the Orange County office of Latham & Watkins, chair of its Environment, Land and Resources Department

Paul Singarella '83

Legal director, American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan

David Skaggs '64

Senior strategic advisor and independent consultant, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP; former executive director of the Colorado Department of Higher Education

Hon. Stephen Trott '62
Senior judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit
Susan Webster '77

Partner, Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, a member of the firm’s corporate law department

Melissa Woods '94

Of counsel at Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein, P.C.; part of the labor and employment law practice groups


Peter Adamson, MD '80

Chief, Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

George Allen, MD '80

The William F. Meacham Professor and chair of the department of neurology at Vanderbilt University

Andrea Barthwell '76
Founder and CEO of EMGlobal (consulting firm devoted to international health care and policy)
Herbert Benson, MD '57

Professor, Harvard Medical School; founding president of the Mind/Body Medical Institute; author of The Relaxation Response

Joshua Boger '73
Executive chairman, Alkeus Pharmaceuticals; founder and retired chairman, president and CEO, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Charles Cleeland '60

Director, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

William Dietz MD '66
Director, Sumner M. Redstone Global Center for Prevention and Wellness, Milken Institute School of Public Health, George Washington University; expert on obesity
Joseph Fins MD '82
Chief of the division of medical ethics, Weill Medical College, Cornell University; director of medical ethics, New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center
Geoffrey Ginsburg, MD '78

Founding director of the Center for Genomic Medicine in the Duke Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy; also professor of medicine and of pathology at Duke University Medical center

Laman Gray Jr. MD '63
Leader in the fields of cardiovascular surgery and development of artificial hearts and circulatory support systems; implanted the world’s first self-contained artificial heart, the AbioCor
N. Thorne Griscom, MD '52

Physician at Children’s Hospital Medical Center; leader in the field of diagnostic radiology in infants and children

Dennis Gross, MD '80

Physician in private practice; expert in cosmetic dermatology and the anti-aging process

Michelle Anderson Lyn, MD '84

Chief of child protection in the department of emergency medicine at Texas Children’s Hospital

Shonni Silverberg, MD '76

Endocrinologist and a professor of medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, director of the Post-doctoral Training Program in endocrinology and metabolism

Joseph Wright, MD '79

Senior vice president. Children’s National Medical Center, in Washington, D.C.; professor of pediatrics, emergency medicine, and health policy at the George Washington University Schools of Medicine and Public Health


Le1f (Khalif Diouf) '11

Rapper and music producer

Jennifer Alexander '88

Middletown activist and organizer, entrepreneur and supporter; founder and executive director of the nonprofit Kidcity Children’s Museum

Amazing Baby '

(Will Roan, Simon O’Connor ’05)—Brooklyn-based glam-influenced rock-band

Bear Hands '

(Dylan Rau ’07, Ted Feldman ’09, Val Loper, TJ Orsher)—Indie rock experimental band

Bottle Up and Go '

 (Keenan Mitchell ’08, Fareed Sajan ’09)—Brooklyn-based pop soul band

Boy Crisis '

(Alex Kestner ’06, Tal Rosen ’06, Lee Pender ’07, Owen Roberts ’07)—Brooklyn-based band

Taylor Ho Bynum '98

Jazz cornetist and co-partner in Firehouse 12 Records

Chris Dingman '02


James Fei '99


Fort Lean '

(Jake Aron ’08, Zach Fried ’08, Sam Ubl ’08, Keenan Mitchell ’09, Will Runge ’09)—Indie band

Kiff Gallagher '91

Co-executive director of the Music National Service Initiative, a program that hires musicians to teach music in schools and after-school programs

Bobbito Garcia '88
Internationally known DJ; co-founder ofBounce Magazine; co-director (with Kevin Couliau) of the documentary Doin’ It In The Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC
Mary Halvorson '02
Jazz guitarist and composer
Jay Hoggard '76
Jazz musician, vibraphonist, and Wesleyan professor
Chris Jonas '99

Director of programs and operations, Warehouse 21

Steve Lehman '00

Alto and soprano jazz saxophonist; composer

MGMT '05

Ben Goldwasser, Andrew Vanwyngarden

Brooklyn based pop music duo with acclaimed recording, Oracular Spectacular

Hafez Modirzadeh, PhD '92


Amanda Palmer '98
Singer and songwriter; former lead singer of The Dresden Dolls
Chris Pureka '01

Singer and songwriter

Steve Roslonek '93 '93

Award-winning children’s songwriter and performer (SteveSongs), with his own TV show

Tyshawn Sorey, MA '11

Jazz drummer

Francis Farewell Starlite '06

Performer and songwriter who leads the band Francis and the Lights

Himanshu Suri '07

Rapper and founder of Greedhead Music label

Tierney Sutton '86
Grammy nominated jazz singer
Stephen Trask '89
Composer and lyricist of the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch; film composer (Camp, The Station Agent, In Good Company, The Savages)
Santi (Santigold) White '97
Brooklyn-based rapper/singer/songwriter 
Dar Williams '89
Singer and songwriter in folk-pop music with many albums (The Honesty Room, The Pagans and the Christians, In the Time of the Gods)
Christopher Wink '83
Founder of the Blue Man Group and Blue Man Creativity Center

Public Service

Michael Bennet '87
U.S. senator from Colorado; previously superintendent of schools in Denver
Lael Brainard '83
Member, U.S. Federal Reserve's Board of Governors; former undersecretary for International Affairs, U.S. Treasury Department
Denise Casper '90
U.S. District Court federal judge, Massachusetts
Ka-keung Ceajer Chan '79
Hong Kong’s secretary for financial services and the treasury; dean, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School
Sasha Chanoff '94
Founder and executive director, RefugePoint (protects forgotten refugees)
Kathleen Clyde '01
Ohio state representative, 68th district
Delyan Dobrev '02
Former minister of economy, energy and tourism, Bulgaria
Karen Donfried '84
President, German Marshall Fund; former special assistant to the president and senior director for European affairs on the National Security Council at the White House
Karen Freedman '75
Founder and executive director, Lawyers for Children, Inc., a not-for-profit legal corporation providing free legal and social work services for children
Graeme Freeman '77
Executive director, The Freeman Foundation
Brian Frosh '68
Maryland state senator, 16th District
Amir Hasson '98
Chief development officer (USA), Oxigen (India's largest service delivery and payment platform); founder, United Villages (provides low-cost Internet access for remote villages in developing nations)
John Hickenlooper Jr. '74
Governor of Colorado; formerly mayor of Denver
David Jones '70
President and CEO, Community Service Society of New York
Edward ("Ted") Kennedy, Jr. '83

State senator, 12th District, Connecticut

Yoriko Kishimoto '77

Former city council member and former mayor of Palo Alto, California

Daphne Kwok '84
AARP, vice president, Multicultural Markets and Engagement; chair, President's Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
Matt Lesser '10
Connecticut state representative, 100th District
Eli "Ted" Lilly '66

Past president of Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, on the board of Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Kennedy Odede '12
Co-founder, president and CEO, Shining Hope for Communities, Kenya
Shola Olatoye '96

Chairman, New York City Housing Authority

Jessica Posner '09
Co-founder and COO, Shining Hope for Communities, Kenya
Tucker Reed '02

President, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership

Ellen Remmer '75

President and CEO, The Philanthropic Initiative, Inc; expert on the subjects of family philanthropy, strategic giving, and women as donors

John Rhea '87

Former chairman, New York City Housing Authority

Muzzy Rosenblatt '87

Executive director, Bowery Residents Committee; former chief of staff for New York City’s Homeless Services

Stefan Selig '84

U.S. under secretary of commerce; former executive vice chariman of global and investment banking, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Larry Selzer '82
President and CEO, The Conservation Fund
Peter Shumlin '79
Jacob Walles '79

U.S. ambassador-designate to Republic of Tunisia

Kate Whitman '88

Former communications director of news media for the House Republican Policy committee; a lobbyist and advocate

Daniel Wolf '79
Massachusetts state senator, the Cape and Islands district


Taylor Allison '74

Director of research and evaluation, American Wind Wildlife Institute

Taft Armandroff '82
Director, McDonald Observatory, University of Texas
David Brewster '95
Co-founder, COO, and President of EnerNOC, Inc., the Energy Network Operations Center
Linda Brinen '88
Director of structural biology, Sandler Center for Basic Research in Parasitic Diseases, University of California, San Francisco
Majora Carter '88
President, The Majora Carter Group, an environmental consulting company; founder and former executive director, Sustainable South Bronx; recipient of MacArthur Award; also founder of River Heroes, offering job training
Jennifer Chayes '79
Managing director, Microsoft Research New York City and Microsoft Research New England
Dr. Neil J. Clendeninn '71

Board member at NCI/NIH; former corporate vice president; head of clinical affairs at Agouron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

George DuPaul '79

Professor at Lehigh University and an internationally recognized expert on Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder

Dr Geoffrey M. Duyk '80

Partner, TPG Growth; former president of research and development at Exelixis, Inc.

Michael Greenberg '76

Chair of the department of neurobiology at Harvard Medical School and holder of the Nathan Marsh Pusey Professorship; directs the F. M. Kirby Neurobiology Center at Children’s Hospital Boston

Marcelo Halpern '85

Nationally recognized speaker and author on legal and technology issues

Jennifer Heppel '90

Associate commissioner at the Big Ten Conference

Gerald Holton '41

Retired physics professor at Harvard University and world’s leading authority on the life of Albert Einstein

Laurence Kedes, MD '59

William M. Keck Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Institute for Genetic Medicine, University of Southern California

Jerry Melillo '65
Co-director, The Ecosystems Center Marine Biological Laboratory
W. David Montgomery '69

Vice president, CRA International; authority on energy and environmental policies and regulation

Ellen Prager '84
Marine and earth scientist; president, Earth 2 Ocean, Inc.
David Schenkein '79

CEO, Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Jonathan Spector '78
CEO, The Conference Board
H. Eugene Stanley '62

Award-winning physicist and University Professor at Boston University; director, Center for Polymer Studies at BU

Peter Tontonoz '89

Associate professor/physician/scientist at the School of Medicine at the University of California/Los Angeles

Nicholas Turro '60

Award-winning chemistry professor, Columbia University


Bill Belichick '75
Head coach, New England Patriots, winner of six Super Bowls
Ambrose Burfoot '68
First collegian to win the Boston Marathon; executive editor, Runner’s World Magazine
Larry DeGaris '86

Associate professor of sports marketing, University of Indianapolis

Jeff Galloway '67
Olympic runner and author of Galloway’s Book on Running
Jed Hoyer '96
Executive vice president and general manager, Chicago Cubs
Kathryn Keeler '78
Gold medalist in rowing at ’84 Olympics; Olympics coach in ’96
Ted Li '68

One of the world’s leading experts on fencing weapons, gear, and scoring equipment; armorer to the NCAA

Eric Mangini '94
Defensive coordinator, San Francisco 49ers
Michele A. Roberts '77
Executive director, National Basketball Players Association
Dennis Robinson '79
CEO, Formula One Grand Prix of America
Bill Rodgers '70
Renowned runner, winner of four New York and four Boston marathons


Steve Chambers '86

Chief marketing officer and executive vice president, Nuance Communications

Gregory LoPiccolo '83

Vice president of product development, Harmonix (in the music industry)

Rishad Premji '99

Chief strategy officer, IT Business, Wipro Technologies

Hong Qu '99

Product and UX lead at Upworthy; adjunct professor, CUNY School of Journalism

Giles Richter '87

Expert on Japan’s mobile Internet and wireless industry

Jonathan Schwartz '87

CEO, CareZone; former CEO, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

James Shepherd Jr. '72

Expert on e-business planning

Peter Watkins '77

Former CEO, Webroot Software

Theater & Dance

Natalia Alonso '00

Dancer (Ballet Hispanico, Complexions)

Suzanne Appel '02

Managing director, The Cutting Ball Theater, San Francisco

Ken Barnett '94


Joshua Borenstein '97

Managing director, Long Wharf Theater

Jeremy Dobrish '90

Theater director, playwright, teacher; co-founder, Midtown Direct Rep, New Jersey-based theater company

Willy Holtzman '74

Playwright (Hearts, Something You Did, The Morini Strad, Smart Blonde) and screenwriter (Edge of America)

Kate MacCluggage '04


Dylan Marron '10

Actor, writer

Lin-Manuel Miranda '02
Tony Award-winning composer and lyricist (In the Heights, Bring It On, Hamilton); actor (House, Modern Family)
Charles Newell '81

Artistic director, Court Theatre, Chicago

Johanna Pfaelzer '90

Artistic director, New York Stage and Film

Michael Rau '05

Artistic director and co-founder of Wolf 359 theater company; director specializing in new plays, re-imagined classics, and opera

Howard Shalwitz '74

Artistic director, Woolly Mammoth Theatre

Bill Sherman '02

Tony and Grammy Award-winning orchestrator, arranger, musician (In the Heights)


Steve Almond '88

Writer (Candyfreak, Not That You Asked, God Bless America)

Rick Barot '92

Poet (The Darker Fall, Want)

Rachel Basch '80

(Degrees of Love, The Passion of Reverend Nash)

Ruth Behar '77

Writer (An Island Called Home: Returning to Jewish Cuba), filmmaker, professor of anthropology, University of Michigan; recipient of MacArthur grant

Suzanne Berne '82

Novelist (A Crime in the Neighborhood, The Ghost at the Table); winner of the Orange Prize

Peter Blaunder '82

Mystery writer (The Last Good Day, The Intruder, Slipping Into Darkness); television writer (Law and Order: SVU)

Jonathan Bloom '99
Author (American Wasteland); food waste expert
Amy Bloom '75
Author (A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You, Away, Lucky Us)
Andrew Bridge '84

Author (Hope’s Boy)

Dominique Browning '77

Author and editor (Slow Love, Paths of Desire)

Alexander Chee '89
Novelist (Edinburgh, Queen of the Night)
Gabriel Cohen '82

Writer (Red Hook, The Graving Dock, Storms Can’t Hurt the Sky)

Robin Cook MD '62
Medical mystery writer (Chromosome 6, Coma, Shock, Crisis, and other best-sellers)
Paul Dickson '61

Writer (Sputnik, Slang, The Dickson Baseball Dictionary, Bill Veeck: Baseball's Greatest Maverick)

Beverly Donofrio '78

(Riding in Cars with Boys, Looking for Mary)

Jennifer Finney Boylan '80
Author (She’s Not There, I’m Looking Through You, Stuck in the Middle with You); Anna Quindlen Writer-in-Residence, Barnard College
Ellen Forney '89

Author and cartoonist (Monkey Food, I Love Led Zeppelin, Marbles)

David Garrow '75
Author of Bearing the Cross, Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Martin Luther King Jr.
Elizabeth Graver '86

Novelist (The Honey Thief, Awake)

Kirsten Greenidge '96
Playwright (Bossa Nova, Milk Like Sugar, The Luck of the Irish)
Daniel Handler '92
Fiction writer (under the pseudonym Lemony Snicket), A Series of Unfortunate Events children’s book series; also, Adverbs, Why We Broke Up, We Are Pirates
Kaylie Jones '81

Author (A Solder’s Daughter Never Cries, Lies My Mother Never Told Me)

Sebastian Junger '84
Author (The Perfect Storm, A Death in Belmont, War) and documentary filmmaker (Restrepo)
James Kaplan '73

Author (Two Guys from Verona, Dean and Me, Frank: The Voice)

Seth Lerer '76

Author (Inventing English, Children’s Literature: A Reader’s History from Aesop to Harry Potter); winner of National Book Critics Circle Award

Andrew Meier '85

Author (Black Earth, The Lost Spy)

Blake Nelson '84

Young adult novelist  (Girl, Paranoid Park, Dream School)

Eric Oliver '88

Author (Fat Politics)

Alix Olson '97

Activist folk poet

Carolyn Parkhurst Rosser '92
Novelist (The Dogs of Babel, Lost and Found, The Nobodies Album)
Christina Pugh '88

Poet (Rotary, Restoration, Grains of the Voice)

Mary Roach '81
Author (Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, Spook, Bonk, Packing for Mars, Gulp)
Carlo Rotella '86

Author (Good with Their Hands, Cut Time)

Juliet Schor '75

Author (Born to Buy, The Overspent American, Plentitude)

Jonathan Thirkield '95

(The Waker’s Corridor)

Wells Tower '96
Fiction writer and journalist (Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned)
Ayelet Waldman '86
Author (Mommy Track Mysteries, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, Bad Mother, Love and Treasure)
Sam Wasson '03

Author (A Splurch to the Kisser: The Films of Blake Edwards; Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's and the Dawn of the Modern Woman; Paul on Mazursky; Fosse)

Robert Wilder '88

Nonfiction writer, journalist (Daddy Needs a Drink, Tales from the Teachers Lounge)

Paul Yoon '02

Fiction writer (Once the Shore, Snow Hunters)

Simone Zelitch '84

Novelist (Moses in Sinai, Louisa)