Community Engagement

  • The Jewett Center for Community Partnerships is the home of community engagement at Wesleyan. Wesleyan collaborates with local school systems on a variety of programs that promote success for elementary through high school age students. Nearly 400 Wesleyan undergrads volunteer and connect with more than 1,000 schoolchildren each year. Some highlights:
  • Wesleyan’s Upward Bound Math-Science program serves over 100 low-income, first-generation and underrepresented high school students from Middletown, Meriden, and New Britain, preparing them academically for college and assisting with the college search and application process.
  • Wesleyan Science Outreach organizes weekly after-school hands-on science activities for students in grades K–5.
  • WesReads/WesMath/WesWrites has approximately 60 Wesleyan volunteers who work with elementary students in small groups to promote reading, writing, and math and reaches over 100 students weekly.
  • Wesleyan offers a class called Teaching Music to Children that enrolls 6­–10 students per year and gives them training and hands-on experience teaching local children the basics of an instrument. Many of these Wesleyan students continue teaching Middletown children after they finish the course.
  • Kindergarten Kickstart is a collaboration between the University and the City of Middletown in which Wesleyan students teach an innovative research-based, summer program to Middletown students about to start kindergarten.
  • The hockey rink in the Freeman Athletic Center annually hosts a Career Expo for high school students. Over 1,400 students attend this Career Expo, and more than 100 businesses from across the state typically participate.
  • Wesleyan’s curriculum includes a broad array of service-learning courses, which combine an academic curriculum in the classroom with experiential learning through a service project for the local community.