Abraham C. Adzenyah

Adjunct Professor of Music, Emeritus

Rehearsal Hall, 106


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BA Goddard College
MA Wesleyan University

Abraham C. Adzenyah

I specialize in the music of Ghana, spanning the Fanti, Volta, Ashanti, Northern Ghana, Ga, and Adambe regions. I am also familiar with the Yoruba and Ijo music of Nigeria and the music of Togo. I am interested in the social/recreational, religious/ceremonial, and warrior musics. Over my forty years at Wesleyan, I have taught and continue to teach performing groups of students. The musical pieces I teach include Gahu, Kumdum, Kpanlogo, Akom, Bamaya, Damba Takai, Aitsiagbekor, Adowa, Kete, Bawa, Bima, Gota, Nagala, Tokoe, Patsa, Sikyi, Bobobo, Asaadua, Apreda, Ntwese, Asafo, Adgzobo, and many others.

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Monday/Wednesday: 12:30 - 2:30 pm Tuesday/Thursday : 2:30 - 4:30 pm